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Orly AnanCO

Orly Anan<sup>CO</sup>
Orly AnanCO

Orly Anan is a Colombian/Israeli visual artist and art director interested in the mysticism involved in everyday life. She currently experiments with the intersection of ritual and popular culture, as well as anthropocosmic surrealism. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries as the main source of inspiration, in addition to taking advantage of digital tools and techniques such as sculpture, graphics and clothing to recreate worlds, stories and characters as enigmatic as they are colorful.

Through recent projects and collaborations, Orly has brought her distinctive visual signature to large museum halls and festival stages, experimenting with formats, techniques and staging that make her intriguing visual universe something to be experienced with all the senses. Recently she presented the large immersive installation Salón Delicatessen for the MoM in Seattle, and a new video-installation piece to meditate through chromatic scales.

Multimedia artist Orly Anan (Colombia/Israel).


Multimedia artist Orly Anan (Colombia/Israel).


Salón Delicatessen, an immersive installation that recreates an entire alternate dimension through the ritual of a feast. Vivid characters, lighting, sculpture, video, clothing and prints for an experience that came to life this summer at the Museum of Museums in Seattle.


Orly is the artist behind two iconic covers of recent Latin pop: Miss Colombia by Lido Pimienta and Orígenes by Sotomayor.