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Gastronomic Route

Vecchio Forno
La Lavanderia
Camomila 1
Azul condesa

As a festival, we believe the culinary side integrates perfectly with our objective, which is to bring the MUTEK MX experience to the many faces of our city and link the audience with our roots while offering our international, national and local guests the best culinary proposals of central Mexico City.

Every restaurant than participates in the Route has a special connection with the festival and a willingness to support and participate. For this edition, Comilona collaborates with MUTEK MX to bolden this proposal and strengthen the idea of innovation and experimentation, but this time with food. We want you to combine the festival experiences with the best of the city's food!


Alma Negra ● Avenida La Tizona ● Azul Condesa ● Azul Histórico ● Bluum ● Broka Bistrot ● Camomila ● Campobaja ● Cardinal Casa de Café ● El Dorado ● Helados Cometa ● La Lavandería ● La Ostra ● La Zaranda Miravalle ● Páramo ● Parnita ● Petanca Roma ● Pizza Félix ● Punto de Cruz ● Salacia ● Surtidora de Pescado del Centro ● Taquería Gabriel ● Tizne Tacomotora ● Traspatio ● Vecchio Forno