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September 19, 2023
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The Essential Guide to MUTEK MX Edition 19

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On the verge of our 19th Edition, MUTEK MX presents the essential guide to enjoy an entire week of amazement and innovation for the artists, attendees and the entire community that gathers at the Festival. With this guide, which will be constantly updated until the week of the festival, we invite you to delve deeper into the activities of Edition 19 to make the most of the MUTEK experience.

The 19th Edition of MUTEK MX continues the Festival's relentless path of exploration and refinement. From October 9 to 15, new audiences and the community that the Festival has cultivated and captivated over 20 years, will experience the dizzying series of experiences, reflections and sensations that MUTEK detonates.

Access the program and get your Passports or individual tickets for A/Visions 1, A/Visions 2, A/Visions 3 and #Nocturne360xKia.

Here everything you need to know:

Basic information

A/Visions 1 at Domo Digital

Program dedicated to presenting pieces designed specifically for the immersive format in global and national premieres. A/Visions 1 takes the audiovisual experience to its maximum scale: a hemispherical screen 23 m in diameter and 13 m high at its zenith for a 360º field of vision.


Kazuya Nagaya & Ali M. Demirel & Maurice Jones presentan Iwakura
Ryoichi Kurokawa presenta in s. ambili
Weidi Zhang presenta Astro

Monday 9, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Sunday 15 October
Two daily schedules, 19:00 y 20:30

More info of A/Visions 1

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Domo Digital del Papalote Museo del Niño - Google Maps

A/Visions 2 at Anahuacalli Museum

Program dedicated to live audiovisual presentations, which comes to the Anahuacalli Museum for the third time in the history of MUTEK MX. Surrounded by water wells, centuries-old cacti, volcanic stone, medicinal plants in the wild and with an architectural design inspired by the teocalli (divine house in Nahuatl), the Anahuacalli Museum is the perfect location for A/Visions 2, dedicated to experiences highly contemplative in which the environment is crucial.


Hatis Noit & Orly Anan
Marina Herlop
William Basinski & Nika Milano

Thursday, October 12, 20:30

More info of A/Visions 2

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Museo Anahuacalli - Google Maps

A/Visions 3 at Teatro de la Ciudad

Dökk, a performance by the Italian studio fuse*, will be presented as part of A/Visions 3 on Friday, October 13, in a special performance at 21:00. This project that mixes dance, immersive sound, emerging technologies and a hypnotic visual environment, has been presented in more than 25 cities and was recognized with the German Design Award in 2019.



Friday, October 14, 21:00

More info of A/Visions 3

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Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris - Google Maps

#Nocturne360xKia at Quarry Studios

Nocturne 360
Nocturne 360 x Kia is the most intense and diverse day of the MUTEK MX experience. With infinite universes contained in a single location, the rooms and corridors of Quarry Studios will be transformed with the ideas, visions and experiments that the most advanced electronic music and digital art have to offer. This mega convergence of national and international artists will take us on an exciting 360 tour that will range from virtual reality and immersive experiences, to cathartic dance sessions with the most challenging producers of club sound.


Alba G. Corral
Annabelle Playe
Antimateria Sonora Ensamble
Architecture Social Club
Azu Tiwaline & DJ Plead
Buena Tarde & zeta
Camil Camil + P3P510 + Rafael Durand
Deriva Arcana & Correo Electrónico
Evita Manji
Grand River
Hidden Edges
James Holden & Melissa Santamaría
Josué Ibáñez
Live Ephemeral [Coast2c + Julieta Gil]
Mal Bueno
Mercedes Montemayor & Andreah.Tif
Mextasis & Ezeta
Myriam Bleau
Priori & Shoeg
Richard Devine & Esteban Azuela
Rival Consoles
Rodrigo Garrido
Sabrina Ratté
Tarta Relena
Trevor Gavilán
upsammy & Jonathan Castro
Wata Igarashi & JS Baillat
Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone

Saturday, October 14, 18:30

More info of Nocturne 360

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Quarry Studios - Google Maps

Official Playlist MUTEK MX Edition 19

A collection of tracks that anticipate our Edition 19.


First time at MUTEK MX?

Welcome! Behind this first meeting there are almost 20 years of digital experimentation. Dive into the most recent editions through our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and find out a little more about what awaits you:

SoundCloud: High-quality audio from some of the most epic Nocturne show performances throughout history.

YouTube: video-recaps of the most recent editions, mini-docs and more audiovisual delights.

00 Nocturne 2 Diego Figueroa 4

Digi Lab @ InSpace

Digi Lab is a space designed by and for the artistic community that converges in the city during MUTEK Mexico week.


With Roberto Gtz aka N30 and Miriam Arbus
→ Monday, October 9 and Tuesday, October 10, from 10:00 to 12:00 @ InSpace
→ Activity in Spanish
→ Investment: $1,200 MXN. Limited availability

[WORKSHOP] How to adapt a generative art project to the Blockchain through flash

With Juan Rodríguez García and Mario Carrill
→ Monday, October 9 and Tuesday, October 10 @ InSpace
→ Monday, October 9, from 13:00 to 15:00
→ Tuesday, October 10, from 12:15 to 16:15
→ Activity in Spanish
→ Free access with registration

[PANEL] #FrenteNacional MUTEK México

With Rodrigo Garrido, Malintzin Cortés, Buena Tarde, Coast2C, Antimateria Sonora Ensamble y Discos Movimiento. Moderate Leo Méndez
→ Wednesday October 11, from 11:30 to 12:30 @ InSpace
→ Activity in Spanish
→ Free access with registration

[PANEL] Web 3.0, crypto art and electronic music

Con Malintzin Cortés, Santiago Itzcoatl, Julián Woodside y más invitadxs. Modera Iván Abreu
→ Wednesday October 11, from 12:45 to 13:45 @ InSpace
→ Activity in Spanish
→ Free access with registration

[PANEL] Future Festivals: Forging new horizons

With representatives of Hipnosis, Bahidorá, Trópico, Ceremonia y MUTEK MX. Moderate ____
→ Wednesday October 11, from 14:00 to 15:00 @ InSpace
→ Activity in Spanish
→ Free access with registration

[EXPERIENCE] Lounge Morphus: Multisensory innovation for every morphology

With pieces of Sabrina Ratté, Alba G. Corral and INTUS
→ Monday 9, Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October, from 17:00 to 22:00 @ InSpace
→ Free access with registration

Digi Lab @ FWD

[WORKSHOP] Planning live musical sets

With Pablo Mendía and Leo Méndez from HolaWave.Store
→ Monday, October 9 and Tuesday, October 10, from 12:00 to 19:00 @ FWD
→ Activity in Spanish

→ Investment: $3,200 MXN. Limited availability

[MASTER CLASS] Richard Devine: Exploring sound beyond the limitsWith Richard Devine

With Richard Devine

→ Friday October 13, from 12:00 to 13:30 @ FWD
→ Activity in English
→ Investment: $699 MXN. Limited availability


Collaboration (not a MUTEK MX production)

The OFFF MX festival presents local and global talent to share their experiences in the fields of creativity, digital culture and innovation through conferences, workshops and performances to inspire the creative industry.


Gastronomic Route

Amaya ● Caimán ● Campobaja ● Cariñito Tacos ● Crisopeia ● Dooriban ● El Tigre Silencioso ● Expendio de Maíz ● Gonzalitos ● Gracias Madre Taquería Vegana ● Husman Bistro ● Koshō ● Loup Bar ● Merotoro ● moa ● Páramo ● El Parnita ● Petanca Roma ● Rosetta ● Rosetta ● Salón Palomilla ● Taverna

Through the Gastronomic Route circuit, MUTEK MX seeks to generate connection and community between the national and international artists, agents and guests of the festival, from the most iconic gastronomic and leisure spaces in Mexico City.

Check all the information here.
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