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Louis-Philippe RondeauCA/QC

Louis-Philippe Rondeau<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Louis-Philippe RondeauCA/QC

Artist and researcher, Louis-Philippe Rondeau is a professor at École des arts numériques, de l’animation et du design (NAD). His research focuses on the issues of post-photography. Like virtual mirrors, his interactive installations show the body in a different light. Diverting the physiognomy of the interactor through marginal devices, they question the relationship of the spectator to the work and incite us to rethink the conventions of image-based mediatization, particularly its spatiotemporal articulation. His applied practice stems from his years of working in the field of digital visual effects.

Louis-Philippe Rondeau CA/QCLiminal

Interactive installation on the inexorable passage of time and oblivion. Liminal is an interactive installation that renders the inexorable passage of time as images. It seeks to reify the boundary between the present and the past. A luminous arch in a dark space stands as the time portal. When we cross this demarcation line, our reflection projected on the wall is deployed through time thanks to the slit-scan technique. Like a visual metaphor, our image is lost in the ethereal whiteness of oblivion.