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11 de octubre, 2016
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Kaleidoscope Showcase

The Future of Music

Kaleidoscope has exclusive access to new work from the most innovative artists around the world through their global network of VR creators. These are the pioneers who are inventing the language of cinematic virtual reality.

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Bright Shadows by Michael Catalano

Inspired by the abstract visual music animators of the early to mid-1900's, Bright Shadows is an 11 minute computer generated animation of dynamic, colorful abstractions choreographed to instrumental music. It comprises seven distinct movements with unique emotional tones that are brought to life with high-quality lighting and shading techniques rendered in stereoscopic 3D.

Longing for Wilderness by Marc Zimmermann

'Longing for Wilderness' takes you from the noisy city through the slowly transforming forest to a wild and airy landscape. It seeks to express our desire to turn off everyday turbulences and experience nature in its rawest form - an opportunity getting increasingly rare these days.

LoVR by Aaron Bradbury

More than 100,000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you saw the girl of your dreams, and she saw you? If we could capture those few seconds what would the data look like? LOVR is a document of this moment. A story of love, told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds. As chemicals are released and areas of the brain activated, a form of poetry is revealed within the data. The heart beats, the iris dilates and time stands still as two lovers see each other for the first time.

Hello-Play: Future of Music by Greg Barth

The future of music is a one of a kind 360 film that follows Carré Bleu, a fictitiously famous music producer who can modulate time, space and gravity to create the music of the future. In this mockumentary interview, he introduces us to a new range of retro-futuristic human instruments he is using to create ground-breaking new sounds for music artist Polar Youth.

The Pull by Quba Michalski

Gravity is no longer a constant. Enter a world where the rules that bind us are suddenly disobeyed. In a secret science facility, gravity has been conquered. “Down” is no longer a direction, but a choice. Step into the center of modified chambers and witness the laws of nature be broken in this five-experiment series.

Fragments by Toño Cabanelas and Antonio V. Garcia-Serrano

A VR fashion film produced by ZakaTo and It has been described as an "Oniric hyperrealistic" piece and is the result of a collaborative project by a group of multidisciplinary artists (#exploradores2015) who gathered for a week of unconstrained experimentation at the uninhabited Spanish island of San Simon. "A forest by the side of the ocean, a surrounding melody and the thrilling sounds of nature are all there waiting for something to happen. And it finally does: a maxi-garment dressed woman multiplies herself and then approaches from all sides.”

Universidad de la Comunicacion
Queretaro 101, Roma Norte
Wednesday 19 to Friday 21, October
16-21 H

Museo Tamayo
Paseo de la Reforma 51, Bosque de Chapultepec
Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, October
10-18 H

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