Mexico City Mexico
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International Festival of Digital Creativity
2 Murcof Jimmy L A Diego Figueroa 4
04 A Visions Gas
22 Nocturne Aurora Halal
01 A Visions Kazuya Nagaya Florence To
28 Nocturne Robin Fox
Refik Anadol pres Melting Memories Nocturne 1 Diego Figueroa 2
4 404 Zero A Diego Figueroa 4
Nikita Talavera 1
Sougwen Chung pres Exquisite Corpus Nocturne 1 Diego Figueroa 30
2 Kelly Moran Diego Figueroa 12 1
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MUTEK Mexico is a platform that fosters and disseminates cutting-edge ways of thinking in sound and digital arts. Starting in 2003 as a member of a Global Network born in Montreal in 1999, MUTEK Mexico has become a fundamental agent for advanced artists and audiences focused on digital creativity in Latin America.

MUTEK Mexico throws a yearly festival and stand-alone sessions known as Nano MUTEK with innovation as a constant: each edition represents the search for propelling new ways of connecting artists, audiences and urban spaces to the endless possibilities of sound and digital arts. This experimental drive makes MUTEK Mexico an emblem of creative dynamism in Mexico City, consolidating the city as an essential meeting point for innovators from all around the world.

As one of the most iconic venues of the Global MUTEK Network, MUTEK MX reiterates and reaffirms our commitment, leading up to Edition 18, to creating unique experiences that transform the relationship between the audience and technology, the city and digital creativity, permanently inspiring the artistic community that gathers every year, thus renewing the incomparable creative energy of Mexico City.

The Global MUTEK Network is a platform for the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, audiovisual arts and technology. With more than two decades organizing festivals, symposiums and academic programs in Montreal, and the wide network, which currently includes Mexico City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, San Francisco and Dubai.

In 19 years of history, we’ve had the pleasure of presenting a series of experiences, with the appearance of artists that are currently spearheading digital innovation: debuting pieces along with special performances, installations, immersive arts and the boldest electronic music accompanied by audiovisual experimentation.