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Environmental Commitment

Rudistas and Circular are our allies for a festival with environmental responsibility.
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As every year, MUTEK MX once again collaborates with platforms dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of massive events, promoting co-responsibility between attendees and organizers. Learn about the environmental responsibility actions and the first steps we will take towards a sustainable festival together with our allies:

Rudistas will offset the carbon footprint and C02 emissions resulting from the Festival's activities by investing directly in ejido communities in Querétaro.

Forests are the most powerful carbon sequestration system that exists. By transforming land used for ranching, aggressive agriculture, logging, or urban development into areas of natural regeneration, you contribute to offsetting carbon emissions from urban areas. To reduce the impact of the activities carried out during the Festival, we collaborate with Rudistas, a platform that will be in charge of measuring the Festival's carbon footprint and contributing to its compensation through dedicated work that follows the NAMAS (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action).

A percentage of your ticket will be used to offset your carbon footprint within the Festival, allowing Rudistas to work directly with ejidal communities and ranches in the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro in the transformation of their lands into natural regeneration zones, by providing technology, financing and the promotion of sustainable practices that allow the profitability of the land.


We will have reusable cups made with recyclable plastic at Nocturne 360.

With Circular's reusable cups we completely eliminate the use of disposable drinks. You will have two options: refund your reusable cup before finishing Nocturne 360 (it costs $30 MXN) or keep it as a souvenir of MUTEK MX.