MUTEK Mexico joins forces with MUTEK Japan to present a series of premieres that will be available from December 9 to 13 on the Festival's virtual platform to celebrate Edition 17 of the Festival in Mexico and Edition 5 in Japan.

In this way, from 00:00 on Friday, November 27 until 23:59 on Monday, December 7, MUTEK Mexico will enable the exclusive sale of the first Nocturne Passes for its Edition 18 in 2021 along with the access to the virtual platform where its Edition 17 will be held in connection with MUTEK Japan during 5 days of virtual festival before closing 2020.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: this package, available for a limited time, gives you access to all the contents of the virtual edition from December 9 to 13, 2020 and, in addition, ensures access to the Nocturne program of the Edition 18 of the Festival in Mexico City in 2021.

For security reasons when accessing the MUTEK virtual platform, the maximum number of tickets available in this package is one per person or user registered in Boletia.

This limited number of tickets will be active until 23:59 on Monday, December 7, 2020; after this date, the purchase of access to Edition 17 of MUTEK Mexico and Edition 5 of MUTEK Japan will only be available through the MUTEK virtual platform:


At the end of this limited package, the price of the Virtual Access is $10 USD. The price reflected in local currency is an estimate subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations at the time of purchase. Tickets will be available to buy directly from the platform on December 9 and don't include the Nocturne Passes.

All prices are displayed in MXN currency.