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Pelada, the duo of singer Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, broke out of Montreal’s underground warehouse rave scene in 2014 after uploading tracks to SoundCloud which caught the attention of the global dance music scene.

Their collaboration is a blend of urgent Spanish language vocals centered around themes of power, control, social justice with hardware samplers, synths, and drum machines. The unique sound has led them to perform in many different contexts, whether it be entire tours opening for more traditional punk acts like Iceage and Shame, to the exact opposite, performing live during peak times at techno clubs such as Berghain.

Their highly anticipated 2nd album 'Ahora Más Que Nunca,' (Now More Than Ever), is a boundary-pushing collection of 12 new songs that sees the Montréal electronic-punk duo Pelada delving deeper into their signature sound, to create something even more raw, chaotic, expressive, and direct. It features notable guest appearances, including Zambian-Canadian rapper and 2020 Polaris Prize winner Backxwash and trumpet player Aquiles Navarro (of Irreversible Entanglements, Impulse! Records).


PAN, Mind Records


Movimiento Para Cambio ‎(Pan, 2019), No Hay (2016, Mind Records)