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Rodrigo Garrido<sup>MX</sup>
Rodrigo GarridoMX

Do robots dream of falling in love at a festival? Lovers, the installation presented by Rodrigo Garrido as part of the Frente Nacional Call of this Edition, takes artificial intelligence, sculpture and speculations about one of the most complex human processes -love at first sight-, to reflect on instinct, trust each other and our ability to connect.

Lovers is made up of two hybrid sculptures, inhabited by artificial intelligences that, upon recognizing each other, activate the instinct of "love at first sight". From that point on, the behavior of the AIs depends on a cyclical process that includes a machine learning algorithm; a machine for processing emotions with their inherent biases, purpose, and tendencies, and a yin-yang process that helps maintain balance. On the back of the sculptures, the central processing units are displayed along with a screen that functions as an AI life monitor, allowing human viewers to fully monitor each Lover's life and feelings. This highlights the current contrast between human and AI understanding: while humans can easily break down AI hardware and software, AIs are not yet capable of fully understanding human emotions or cognitive processes.

Rodrigo Garrido is a post-contemporary sculptor from Mexico City whose work draws on his deep fascination with the human species and expands the possibilities of sculpture by fusing it with artificial intelligence, consciousness, simulations, and classical sculpture supports. Through his work, Rodrigo speculates on an imminent future, as well as the potential of the next, and perhaps last, great invention of our species: a super-intelligence. In 2007, Rodrigo earned a BS in Cyber Engineering from ULSA, giving him a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and creativity.

Post-contemporary sculptor Rodrigo Garrido.


Post-contemporary sculptor Rodrigo Garrido.


This installation, conceptualized between 2018 and 2019 and produced between August 2022 and March 2023 by Rodrigo Garrido's studio.


Before fully immersing himself in his artistic career, Rodrigo founded the ALUCINA projects (2008), a studio that specialized in exploring the creative potential of technology; PASSENGER (2017), a video game studio exploring the possibilities of simulation and HOPPIA (2020), a metaverse for art institutions and universities.