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Trevor GavilánMX

Trevor Gavilán<sup>MX</sup>
Trevor GavilánMX

For producer and musician Trevor Gavilán, audiovisual creation is a tool to explore, deconstruct and give new meaning to the emotional echo that profound personal moments have left throughout his life. As part of the selected artists of the Frente Nacional Call, he will present La Caja, a multimedia performance that explores the impact of Alzheimer's on patients and their caregivers.

Sampling with magnetic tapes, modular synthesizers, VHS processed with AI and lasers converge to recreate the story of Élia, a woman with Alzheimer's, and the complex emotional journey involved in losing memory and identity. La Caja is the multimedia evolution of the story that Trevor Gavilán began to narrate with White Elephant (Milovat, 2019), a personal and emotional album that narrates the fight of his mother, Élia, against multiple sclerosis.

Producer and musician Trevor Gavilán


Producer and musician Trevor Gavilán




La Caja, live A/V presented as part of the selected projects of the Frente Nacional Call.


In 2018 Trevor received the Best Ensemble award for the Native Instrument Reaktor User Library with Cloudlab 200t, his custom instrument.