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Richard Devine & Esteban AzuelaUS

Richard Devine & Esteban Azuela<sup>US</sup>
Richard Devine & Esteban AzuelaUS

Richard Devine

Dubbed “King of Synths” by Resident Advisor, producer, engineer and sound designer Richard Devine has been sharing his maximalist vision for nearly three decades across all manner of sound-creating machines and interfaces.

With an immersive process that includes patiently exploring emerging hardware and technologies, as well as designing and building his own modular systems to record and live his albums, Richard has dispensed his career as an audio designer for brands like Google, Microsoft and Nike with precise releases for Warp and the Venetian Snares and Mike Paradinas labels, and iconic live performances where he assembles and deconstructs a massive sound difficult to classify, which expands through his modular rack with freedom and a degree of unpredictability that have made him become legendary.

Along with his prolific artistic career, Richard's deep technical knowledge shines through in the remixes he's done for artists like Aphex Twin, the sounds he's programmed for Trent Reznor, and more than 20 years of collaboration with Native Instruments. .

This is one of the few presentations that he will give during 2023 and his return to Mexico after five years.

Esteban Azuela

From hand drawing to complex transmedia pieces, Esteban Azuela experiments with the narrative possibilities of visual art, in an atypical space between fiction, documentary and dialogue with other disciplines. His videos and animated shorts have been exhibited in venues as diverse as the Palais de Tokio and the Central de Abastos, while his collaborations as a VJ and sound act visualist include equally diverse artists such as Los Viejos, Black Devil Disco Club, Tristan Arp and Nick Zinner. At MUTEK MX, as part of the artists selected in the Frente Nacional Call, Esteban will present the most recent iteration of his transmedia project Aferrado.

Aferrado is a low-fi 3D reinterpretation of real events documented in Mexico City. With the technological error as an aesthetic stance and 3D photogrammetry as an emotional document, Esteban generates a liquid memory that expands through a fleeting event captured in the midst of chaos.

Producer, composer and sound designer Richard Devine.

Esteban Azuela, visual artist originally from Mexico City.


Producer, composer and sound designer Richard Devine.

Esteban Azuela, visual artist originally from Mexico City.


Warp, Planet Mu, Timesig


The piece Recursion Constructors, commissioned by the University of Huddersfield.

El Camino del Venado, an audiovisual performance on the Wixárika worldview by Maxa Huyeya, a collective focused on linking the Wixárika tradition with new media, of which Esteban has been a part since 2018.


Richard has excelled in the field of sound design with his work for various types of electric cars.

Part of the Aferrado original short movie images were adapted to 3D renders to visually accompany Tristan Arp's live set in the Previous Edition of MUTEK MX.