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Josué IbáñezMX

Josué Ibáñez<sup>MX</sup>
Josué IbáñezMX

Drift, the installation that Josué Ibáñez presents at Nocturne 360, plunges us into a deep field of lights that transforms as we go, generating new perspectives on a series of Mexican landscapes scanned from a drone. In each iteration of the landscape, Drift invites us to look at nature with new eyes, to find in it a hidden world that can only be revealed through technology. Drift is an immersive and interactive experience commissioned by the Barcelona Design Museum, and this will be its premiere in Mexico.

Josué Ibáñez has spent more than fifteen years experimenting with new technologies for creative expression, especially the possibilities of contemporary storytelling through digital and physical experiences, and exploring the limits of what can be achieved through content in real time and the interactivity. Along with his artistic career, Josué has been a pioneer of multimedia experiences in Latin America through Cocolab, a studio of which he co-founded and with which he developed pieces that were presented in spaces such as Todays Art in Japan and festivals such as the Day for Night.

Josué Ibáñez, immersive experience designer, media artist, and creative director.


Josué Ibáñez, immersive experience designer, media artist, and creative director.


Sparks of Change, an experience commissioned by Supercool Electric Mobility Center, developed entirely with real-time workflow with Unreal Engine 5 in a large-scale 360 immersive short film format.


Josué also collaborates with musicians in audiovisual lives. In November he will perform with the duo Matsu as part of the OFFFMX Festival.