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Rival ConsolesUK

Rival Consoles<sup>UK</sup>
Rival ConsolesUK

Consistent and forceful, Rival Consoles has spent 15 years delivering experimental electronica with a sensitive organic touch, with compositions that begin on piano and other instruments, to expand through a tidal wave of hypnotic and emotional synths. Through his extensive discography, which lands on the recent Now Is (Erased Tapes, 2022), Rival Consoles testifies to his deep exploration as a composer and instrumentalist, with a collection of vibrant tracks that oscillate between precious moments close to post-rock , as well as intense moments of space-techno that encourage dancing and introspection. This is his long-awaited return to MUTEK MX after eight years.

In addition to his numerous releases via Erased Tapes, the label that has been his home throughout his career, Rival Consoles has collaborated with artists such as Jon Hopkins, Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Max Cooper and UNKLE, among many others. Since 2018, with the release of his emblematic album Persona, Rival Consoles has incorporated visuals and lighting into his presentations, to deliver iconic audiovisual lives that have also made him a favorite on various stages; In the rest of 2023 alone, he has already announced more than 25 dates, including his only presentation in Latin America for MUTEK MX.

English musician and producer Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles.


English musician and producer Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles.


Erased Tapes


Coda (Erased Tapes, 2023) single and Now is (Erased Tapes, 2022).


Rival Consoles made the soundtrack for the Netflix documentary El caso Figo: el fichaje del siglo about the soccer player Luís Figo.

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Rival Consoles: Untravel (Official Music Video)