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Weidi ZhangCN

Weidi Zhang<sup>CN</sup>
Weidi ZhangCN

Why explore space when there is so much to do on Earth? With Astro, the multimedia artist Weidi Zhang answers this question that Dr. Stuhlinger, astronomer and deputy director of NASA at the time when the first trips to space were made, once received from a new perspective: that of an intelligent being exploring our planet, its vastness and the consequences of human passage from an advanced telescope point of view.

Commissioned by the Earth Metaxis festival in 2021, winner of the Prix Trame Sonore Award in 2022, and created in collaboration with composer Weilu Ge and visual developer Shaoyu Su, this immersive piece draws from the visual imagination of Weidi, who takes abstract elements to resignify landscapes of the planet seen from a completely alien technology and perspective.

In her still short but brilliant career, Weidi combines experimental and artistic processes with academia - she is a professor of media and immersive experiences at Arizona State University, and a researcher specializing in the intersection of immersive media design, experiential data visualization, and art. AI interactive. Her pieces and performances have been recognized in the specialized circuit with awards such as the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and the honorable mention of the Prix Ars Electrónica 2022.

Designer and new media artist Weidi Zhang.


Designer and new media artist Weidi Zhang.


Astro, a piece that after premiering in Mexico as part of A/Visions 1, will be presented in Spain as part of the MIRA festival.


RAY, an interactive piece developed with AI, is part of the Artificial Intelligence exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.