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Annabelle Playe & Marc Siffert & Hugo ArcierFR

Annabelle Playe & Marc Siffert & Hugo Arcier<sup>FR</sup>
Annabelle Playe & Marc Siffert & Hugo ArcierFR

An odyssey into the intriguing and luminous territory imagined by Annabelle Playe, inLAND scales the live A/V experience through the structure and tools of video games. In this metaverse full of passageways and abstract spaces in constant transformation, the artists on stage become the players who guide the audience through an intense drift of always unexpected results. This immersive experience includes a narrative voice, a powerful soundtrack built in real time with the energy of the players, and audio-reactive visuals, which have made it one of the most cutting-edge pieces in Annabelle Playe's extensive career. inLAND has been presented at the SONICA festival in Glasgow, and various venues in France. This is her premiere in Latin America.

Annabelle Playe has cultivated an artistic career highlighted by transdiscipline and her experimentation. She began in the classical world, trained in composition and as a soprano, to quickly expand her inquisitive sound to electroacoustic, drone and ambient. She published three albums on the DAC Records label, while managing AnA Compagnie, a platform that has allowed him, in addition to working with music and the physicality of its interpretation, to collaborate with different artists to create pieces and audiovisual projects. through emerging technologies and experiential narratives. Several of her projects have been awarded and recognized in Europe and presented around the world.

Multidisciplinary artist, composer and soprano Annabelle Playe.


Multidisciplinary artist, composer and soprano Annabelle Playe.


DAC Records


Geyser, live electronics concert that Annabelle has been presenting since 2016 and that has had its most recent iterations at festivals in France, the United States in the last three years.


Marc Siffe, live electronics, and Hugo Arcier in the reactive audio visuals also participates in the inLAND performance.