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Evita ManjiGR

Evita Manji<sup>GR</sup>
Evita ManjiGR

A spearheading figure of experimentation in Greece, Evita has recently launched myxoxym, their own label/platform, and has carried Spandrel? (2023), their fascinating debut album released by PAN Records, to festivals such as Unsound, Les Siestes Electroniques and, this October, to MUTEK MX in its 19th Edition.

Sonic complexity and visceral emotion: Evita Manji's hyper pop expands into tracks and intense live sets that induce us into trance and reflection. Strongly inspired by the organic and the baroque, Evita Manji uses sound design, synthesis and digital media to recreate sonic organisms and fluctuating aural matter, with lyrics of consistent pop sensibility, connecting the dots between human experience, quantum physics, death and climate change.

Greek composer, singer and producer Evita Manji.


Greek composer, singer and producer Evita Manji.


myxoxym PAN Records,


Spandrel? (PAN, 2023)


myxoxym is Evita Manji's platform/label, where she has published her own music and the PLASMOIDIUM compilation, with 10 artists from the SHAPE+ Platform.

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