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Priori & ShoegCA/QC+ES/CAT

Priori & Shoeg<sup>CA/QC+ES/CAT</sup>
Priori & ShoegCA/QC+ES/CAT


Priori is the alias with which the DJ, producer, audio engineer and label manager Francis Latreille has established himself on the underground techno circuit since his debut in 2018. With a style that mixes a forceful dance intention with dub, IDM and drum&bass, Priori takes advantage of his studio releases to launch reflections between the biological and the synthetic, while his live sets unfold between experimentation, catharsis and contrasting textures. For his MUTEK MX debut, Priori arrives with his sparkling new release, Pareidolia (NAFF, 2023).

Priori is also an accomplished mixing engineer. Between the label he runs with Adam Feingold (Ex-Terrestrial) and the studio he runs with Patrick Holland, Francis is quietly shaping the course of underground electronic dance music in Canada and abroad.


In his work, Barcelona sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell showcases his observations of the relationship between humans and technology, using his skills in programming and assorted technologies to experiment with image, sound and their interactions. He creates his own instruments, using motion sensors and unconventional MIDI hardware to confer a physical dimension to his performances. His visual work blends various media languages, game engines, 3D techniques – notably photogrammetry and digitization – and more recently AI. Shoeg, his principal project, aims to explore the correlation between sound and movement. Having presented live shows and released studio albums on labels such as Orange Milk and 901 Editions, Martorell also collaborated with Artur M Puga on AV performances and explored immersive installations through his recent work with Ana Drucker. He has showcased works at prominent festivals such as Sónar+D, MIRA, SONICA Glasgow, Eufònic and Keroxen, among others, and also worked with dance companies as a music composer and live performer, having recently collaborated with the likes of Laia Santanach, Miquel Barcelona, La Taimada and Nuria Guiu.

Backed by surreal 3D renderings created in real-time by Shoeg, Priori’s introspective music draws inspiration from peculiar fairy tales and imagined worlds in order to craft a telluric and organic atmosphere steeped in mystery and intrigue. Shoeg’s visual output, influenced by his experiments in text-image fusion, video game aesthetics and human-technology-nature interactions, propel the audience through a 3D speleological exploration. As a novel performance driven by motion sensors, reactive and colorful environments will highlight Priori’s complex sound ecosystems and illustrate the contrasts between organic and synthetic, convoluted and effortless, tangible and hypothetical.

Shoeg is part of the #FrenteCatalan Front for this edition along with Marina Herlop, Tarta Relena, Albert-Barque Durán and Alba G. Corral. Her participation is possible thanks to the Institut Ramon Llull.

DJ, producer, sound engineer and Montréal label owner Priori (Francis Latreille), and Catalan sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell, also known as Shoeg.


DJ, producer, sound engineer and Montréal label owner Priori (Francis Latreille), and Catalan sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell, also known as Shoeg.


NAFF, Midgar Recordings, Third Kind Records


Pareidolia (Midgar Records, 2023).

Shoeg made the video for Gunbai by Artur M. Puga..


Latreille masterminded an album of synthesizer experiments backed by saxophone musings under the New World Science moniker, collaborating with Ex-Terrestrial, Ramzi, and R Weng.

Hard Fork (Orange Milk Records, 2022), a concept album that questions tradition and wonders what happens when one's roots are severed and one finds oneself in a clean slate.

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Priori | Boiler Room x Piknic Electronik 2022