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Slowly fading into data, by experimental artist Albert Barqué-Durán aka Albert.DATA, unfolds as a holistic experience that reflects on complex concepts such as disincarnation, extended cognition, hybrid beings and synthetic identities that, from the technical point of view, bring opposite technologies face to face, like 8bits with artificial intelligence. Since its conception in the spring of this year, Slowly fading into data has been presented as a film, a video game, an installation and in a 360 dome. At MUTEK MX arrives in its live A/V format, after its premiere at the +RAIN festival Film Fest, dedicated to films generated with artificial intelligence.

Albert's artistic research focuses on the interactions between human algorithms during artistic and creative processes and the transformation of our artistic practices in virtual contexts, where the cognition process is mediated by digital artifacts. This analytical approach derives from his academic background; Albert is a PhD and Postdoc in Cognitive Sciences from the Center for Mathematical Neuroscience at the University of London and has been a Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard and Oxford.

Albert-Barque Durán is part of this edition's #FrenteCatalan together with Marina Herlop, Tarta Relena, Alba G. Corral and Shoeg. Her participation is possible thanks to Institut Ramon Llull.

Albert Barqué-Durán aka Albert.DATA, digital and multidisciplinary artist.


Albert Barqué-Durán aka Albert.DATA, digital and multidisciplinary artist.


The 360 version of Slowly fading into data, which was presented at the IDEAL Center D'arts Digitals megadome in July of this year.


VESTIBULAR_1, Immersive audiovisual installation in collaboration with Marc Marzenit, which induces illusory sensations of self-movement in the public in complete darkness by temporarily interrupting its vestibular function and which premiered at Ars Electrónica in 2020.