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VXN (Victoria Campobello)AR

VXN (Victoria Campobello)<sup>AR</sup>
VXN (Victoria Campobello)AR

Space becomes distorted as humans try to find a place to dwell. The perception of the geometry that surrounds it is constantly constructing or deconstructing a different reality, where we are all trying to create our sense of place. Graphics, nature-inspired textures, and futuristic worlds feature the work of Victoria Campobello, aka VXN. Abstract configurations of amorphous shapes co-exist in highly textured images that blend into three-dimensional space.

Victoria Campobello, alias VXN was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work combines 3D software and sculpture in bodies and scenes that are deconstructed and transformed. A hybrid of techniques, motifs and languages ​​where an intricate play of forms within forms creates both figurative and abstract aesthetic languages, which are otherwise unrelated. She imagines the flow of nature, organic growth, sexuality and cyberspace and captures the alienation of mind from body in the Internet age.