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September 26, 2023
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Discover Mexico City

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Welcome to the avant-garde and experimentation capital in Latin America! At MUTEK MX we put together this list of recommendations so visitors from around the world can expand their experience, enjoying a selection of spaces, exhibitions and meeting points in the city that also inspire us.

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These are our recommendations for Discovering Mexico City, between one activity and another of our programme at MUTEK México Edition 19.


Near A/Visions 2 and Nocturne 360 locations

Downtown / Roma - Condesa areas

Cultural Activities

Liam Young’s Construir Mundos Exhibit @ Ex-Teresa Arte Actual

Enjoy six large-format video installations, reflecting on current issues linked to the changes that the technological revolution is generating in contemporary societies.


Helen Escobedo’s Ambientes totales Exhibit @ Laboratorio de Arte Alameda

The exhibition reviews the work of iconic architect and sculptor Escobedo (Mexico City, 1934-2010) as an installation artist, a practice she pioneered in Mexico and which she used to question the traditional flow of perception between the artist, the work, and the viewer through her conception of art as a “total environment".


404 Festival Internacional de Arte y Tecnología @ CENART

The 404 International Festival of Art and Technology celebrates its 20th anniversary in Mexico and the United States. This edition brings together more than 40 international artists in two large exhibitions with interactive installations that combine robotics, artificial intelligence, mixed realities,, animations, performances, live music, discussion panels and workshops.


OFFF MX @ Auditorio BB

OFFFMX Festival presents local and global talent to share their experiences in the fields of creativity, digital culture and innovation through conferences, workshops and performances to inspire the creative industry.


REVERSŌ V. II @ Casa del Lago UNAM

REVERSŌ is an object-based installation that explores the poetics of space through a threshold of light; an immersive experience composed of a geometric landscape, which in its interaction seeks a sensory response from the observer. It is presented by the Chilean duo Nøctuary together with the collaboration Caco Marshall, in terms of sound.


Restaurants & Bars


A favorite spot in the Juárez neighborhood for its renewed take on mexican cuisine, special selection of regional wines and a space for art projects.

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Quality and simplicity: natural wine, classic cocktails and specially selected appetizers to enjoy in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

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Freshness, simplicity and flavors from the fishing camp converge in an intense culinary experience.

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Cariñito Tacos

Taqueria with a Southeast Asian flavor profile and high-quality ingredients, reflected in their classics, such as their Pork belly and eggplant tacos confited in aromatic soy for 15 hours.

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Herbal shop, specialty cafe and spice kitchen, with cocktails based on plants and spices.

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Korean cuisine from the heart, with recipes full of authentic flavors, memories and creativity, with the seasoning of Ju Hee, Mama Park.

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El Tigre Silencioso

Bar, canteen and restaurant, with international cuisine dishes to snack on between drinks (their menu is one of the most extensive), in a casual atmosphere.

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Expendio de Maíz

A menu that runs free and is renewed every day according to the season, created by a group of cooks who seek to share and preserve biodiversity, peasant cultural heritage and rural identity.

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Taqueria focused on flavors of the mexican Northwest, specializing in classic carnivorous preparations such as beef barbacoa, pork roast, pork rinds in green sauce, machaca with egg and potato with chorizo, served in flour tortillas.

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Gracias Madre Taquería Vegana

The most delicious Mexican snacks, free of cruelty and animal exploitation, in this bastion of the vegan community in Mexico City.

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Husman Bistro

A unique project that fuses culinary styles from Mexico, Scandinavia and various parts of Europe, with a cozy atmosphere and where each ingredient and complement is chosen with care.

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Asian street food and selected wines, inside the emblematic Pasaje Parián in the Roma neighborhood.

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Loup Bar

Specializing in live wines, from healthy soils from organic and biodynamic agriculture, with minimal human intervention and a harmonious food menu, with fresh, organic and local products.

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Rustic and refined restaurant with creative versions of Baja California seafood, fish and meat dishes.

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The paradise of Asian style bread, with a mix between recipes from the East and the West, with its own techniques.

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Cozy space, with a direct and delicious Mexican menu, ideal for a dinner accompanied by mezcalito.

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El Parnita

Vast menu of Mexican appetizers from different regions, with a unique and distinctive touch. Their tortas, tlacoyos, ceviche and try all their delicious sauces are recommended.

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Petanca Roma

A space to practice (or appreciate) the game of petanque, drink and relax. From Mexican wine, vermouth and mezcal to tizanas and teas from Guerrero and Oaxaca. plus a grill where simple recipes that prioritize products are prepared.

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A classic restaurant in the Roma neighborhood, with gourmet dishes where Mexican ingredients are the main thing.

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Salón Palomilla

Restaurant, bar and delicatessen with an open grill kitchen, specialized cocktails and a good musical selection.

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Inspired by the classic taverns of southern Europe, with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine. Menu specially designed to share downtown in the company of friends, wines and electronic music.

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Record Shops

La Roma Records

Iconic store in the heart of the Roma neighborhood with an extensive assortment of rock, pop, funk and electronic vinyl.



Experimental, electronic music and rarities from around the world along with releases from Mexican artists.


Venas Rotas

Selection specialized in punk, post punk, heavy sounds, new wave and peripheral music from the Latinx underground.



Hip hop, soul, funk, Latin and African music from all eras.


Salvaje Music Store

International and Mexican independent records, gear for audiophiles and furniture for collectors.


Salón Palomilla
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