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October 16, 2019
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Extended Program: Edition 16

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SKALAR and other activities have been added to the week of MUTEK MX Edition 16.

Learn how to take full advantage of your festival ticket.

New highlights for our Edition 16:

Collaboration has been one of the pillars of MUTEK MX throughout 16 years of history. Each year, cultural, academic and diplomatic institutions have joined management efforts with the festival in order to offer a diverse program for our audience through a range of locations, artists, and experiences. For our Edition 16 we are excited to present different alliances that enrich our programming this year and extend the circuit of possible activities for our attendants throughout the week of the festival:

Noiselab & WHITEVoid present: SKALAR by Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray @ Frontón México

Thanks to Noiselab and WHITEVoid, Mexico City will have the international premiere of SKALAR after their debut and residency in Berlin. This mega-installation by the illumination artist Christopher Bauder and the music producer Kangding Ray will take over the space of Frontón México with a loop of multidimensional sound and vibrant drawings and light atmospheres. By combining a vast array of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, SKALAR reflects on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions.

In a special alliance between MUTEK MX, Noiselab and WHITEVoid, SKALAR has been added to the activities that expand the experience for our festival attendants, with performances with preferential and guaranteed access included with your Passport or Early Bird ticket, as well as special discounts between November 18-24.

MUTEK MX→SKALAR: From November 18 through 24, present your ticket to MUTEK MX Edition 16 when buying your SKALAR ticket and a friend can enter for free. Tickets are available for purchase at the ticket counter in Frontón México. Valid with all types of tickets (Nocturne Pass, Passports, Early Bird, and Individuals). In addition to the 2x1 benefit, guests with Passport and Early Bird tickets will have a preferential and guaranteed access to SKALAR included in their MUTEK MX ticket.

SKALAR→MUTEK MX: Bring your SKALAR ticket to the counter of Fábrica on Friday November 22 or Saturday November 23, from the time we open doors until 22:30, and get a 15% discount on the purchase of an individual ticket or the Nocturne Pass at the day-of-show price.

MUTEK MX Passport and Early Bird: preferential and guaranteed access to SKALAR:

Bring your MUTEK MX ticket printed or as a pdf on your mobile phone in the preferred access lane on the date of the show. We recommend getting there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time:

People with Early Bird Tickets: Wednesday, November 20, 21:00.

People with Passport: Thursday, November 21 21:00.

→ If, in addition to this event included in your MUTEK MX ticket, you want to return for another function of SKALAR the week of the 18th through 24th of November, present your MUTEK MX Edition 16 ticket at the SKALAR ticket booth to get a 2x1 deal for entry.

Noiselab & WHITEVoid

Since 2000, Noiselab has created diverse platforms to promote interactions and conversations between society, art, and culture, distinguishing themselves through the use of music as an element of cohesion. In addition to their digital platform and background as a label, Noiselab runs CDM_Fest and, in collaboration with WHITEVoid, the interactive design studio of artist Christopher Bauder, presents the Mexican premiere of SKALAR.

Brian Eno presents Condensor @ Nocturne 1 and 2

In collaboration with FF projects

Eno is considered an icon of contemporary international culture. During the last forty years; the British artists has not only been fundamentally influential in the music scene, but has also caught the attention of critics and curators as an experimental and innovative multimedia artist. Condensor is an immersive piece that pushes the boundaries of contemplative experiences: a ‘painting’ capable of generating infinite combinations of ‘colorscapes’ accompanied by an audio piece composed as Generative Music, a concept developed by Eno, in which compositions change once they have been played, as all systems behind said compositions introduce a type of randomness. Thus, Condensor has become a different aesthetic experience for each audience that has come across this piece.

Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club (UK) present Aether @ Nocturne 1 y 2

Presented by Adidas

Electronic music producer and visual artist Max Cooper and the studio Architecture Social Club combine to form one of the most fascinating pairings in the world of contemporary digital art. Their immersive installation Aether functions as an emotional instrument, telling stories through an audiovisual map of abstract forms. After sweeping through Lumiere Festival 2018, one of the most important events in the world for artists working with light, Aether will have its Latin American debut in Edition 16.

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