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November 10, 2017
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La cité

Presented by: MUTEK.MX

Location: Fábrica
Dates: November 24 and 35
Horarios: 20.30 - 4H

Links: FB: /FusionMexicoOficial IG: @fusionmexico

The Nocturne program presents installations from different studios and artists that create an impulse to the local scene, one responsible to develop projects that contribute to build bridges between art and technology.

INTUS pres. Tezcatl

The integration of a system of elements as the obsidiana, mirrors, lasers and computers create a piece based on reflection and personal immersion. The stone, protagonist of our Edition 14 campaign, is considered the mirror of the soul and sets out our fears and helps to channel them. The metaphorical and aesthetic bond between elements generates a luminous installation that wants to "unlock the coded light within the darkness".[/bscolumns]

Paolo Montiel pres. Superposition

Light navigates through the organic elements submerged under water. Crystal quartz stones that follow a light path with sound and rhythm that reveals the intrinsic properties of the materials that might be exacerbated or mitigated, as the reaction to the numerous events leading to anxiety and the recovery of calm as the path is partially deciphered on the current clashing of events in the world.[/bscolumns]

Dreamo pres. Tilt Gallery

A virtual digital art gallery made up from national and international talent, part of the MUTEK.MX festival. A producing VR house specialized in 360 degree contents are the pieces from a platform called Tilt Brush (a medium in which the artists can three-dimensionally paint with VR as the kernel). The room is a canvas, the palette the imagination; infinite possibilities.

Cocay Studio pres. Synchronic Dimensions

This piece is a reference to the physical hypotheses of parallel independent universes; this experience is generated through a luminous tunnel that takes the shape of a hole in space and time, which allows us to travel at the speed beyond that of light and connects us to the present, past and future.

La Cité pres. Sanctuaire

Sanctuaire is about Mexico City. A place full of such a special own energy. It is a source of inexhaustible inspiration. This city benefirs from a special and very potent vibre, product of many factors (some provoked) from its inhabitants. From afar, the city characterizes from its chaotic indecipherable movement. To undestand this, one has to move closer, to realize that this chaos is the manifestation of millions of individual actions. Sanctuaire is the visual display of a mystic energy that transcends its guests.

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