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May 22, 2018
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Manrico Montero: In Memoriam

Manrico M MUTEKMX OK 672x372

On the morning of Tuesday, May 22, the community of sound artists, electronic musicians and experimental creators in Mexico received with shock the news of the departure of Manrico Montero (1973 - 2018). In MUTEK MX we join the messages of admiration and recognition of his artistic career, in which affection, sensitivity towards the other and towards nature, amplified its scope and leave us, more than a body of work, an exemplary attitude very necessary in the creative field.

From the trench of MUTEK MX, we witnessed how Manrico's artistic explorations and research related to bioacoustics, biosemiotics and ecoacoustics became a fundamental influence among many of the Mexican and Latin American artists who have nurtured the festival's programming, from Fax -with whom it was presented in Edition 5 (2008) as Estructuras de la Tarde-, until Interspecifics, with whom it collaborated closely as a New Technologies advisor at FONCA. Similarly, Mandorla, the netlabel he founded in 2005, allowed the expansion and growth of audiences interested in ambient, electroacoustics and improvisation. Also, the work and thought of Manrico Montero has been part of our inspiration for the design of listening experiences in the MUTEK MX programming.

In order to continue promoting his work and celebrating his life, MUTEK MX shares the full recording of his participation in Edition 12 (2015) at Nocturne 1 within the Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos:

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