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June 30, 2023
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MUTEK MX Edition 19: Early Birds Sold Out


Early Birds tickets are already sold out!

October is closer than it seems and, with the release of Early Birds tickets (already sold out) that can already be purchased through the Fever platform, MUTEK Mexico gives the official signal for Edition 19: a whole week of amazement and innovation for artists , attendees and the entire community that meets at the festival.

Along with the release of these tickets, MUTEK MX also shares the first display of the activities that it will present in various locations in Mexico City from October 9 to 15. The Early Bird ticket includes access to the same activities as the Passport, at a pre-poster price (A/Visions 1, A/Visions 2 and Nocturne 360). Tickets for A/Visions 3 will be available through the box office of the location where it will take place, and which has multiple sections.

MUTEK MX Edition 19, schedule at the moment

  • A/Visions 1: from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 October. Access included in the Early Bird ticket.*
  • A/Visions 2: Thursday, October 12. Access included in the Early Bird ticket.
  • A/Visions 3: Friday, October 13. NOT Included in the Early Bird ticket.
  • Nocturne 360: Saturday, October 14. Access included in the Early Bird.

Early Bird tickets will be available through the Fever platform until sold out. Very soon we will share locations and the First Wave of confirmed artists, along with the sale of Passports and tickets for A/Visions 3. Stay tuned on our digital channels. MUTEK MX is back!

* To access A/Visions 1 you must choose a schedule on the Fever platform during the purchasing process. We suggest carefully reviewing the boxes with the options available at two schedules on October 9, 10, 11 and 15.

A Vision 1
A Vision2
A Vision 3

MUTEK MX Edition 19: description by program without locations

A/Visions 1: two daily performances to choose from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 October

This iconic MUTEK MX program reveals the possibilities of audiovisual art from its maximum scale. There are 30 speakers with a 5.1 surround audio system and a hemispherical screen 23 m in diameter and 15 m high at its zenith, which take us through 360° of pure avant-garde art.

A/Visions 2: Thursday, October 12

In A/Visions 2 the alchemy of the live act takes center stage, with programming that inspires contemplation, deep listening and immersion in the rituals possible by mixing the organic and the digital.

A/Visions 3: Friday, October 13

The A/Visions 3 program returns to refresh the stage experience and its interactive possibilities by hybridizing technology, artificial intelligence and digital experimentation with expressions such as dance and other living arts.

Nocturne 360: Saturday, October 14

With infinite universes contained in the same location, the rooms, facilities and passageways of Nocturne 360 will be transformed with the ideas, visions and experiments that the most advanced electronic music and digital art have to offer in more than 20 presentations.

Información Importante Early Birds Edición 19

Important Information Early Birds Issue 19

Like the Passport, this ticket includes access to:
  • A/Visions 1 with schedule to choose.
  • A/Visions 2 on Thursday, October 12.
  • Nocturne 360 on Saturday, October 14.

What does the Early Bird ticket NOT include?

This ticket, like the Passport:
  • Does NOT include access to A/Visions 3, which will take place on Friday, October 13.
  • Does NOT include access to specialized workshops within Digi Lab; Gastronomic Route activities with additional cost; and/or any other activity with an additional cost carried out directly by MUTEK MX or its collaborators, except A/Visions 1 in the schedule of your choice, A/Visions 2 and Nocturne 360.
  • Tickets for A/Visions 3 can be purchased soon through the location's ticketing system, where you can choose the seat you prefer among its multiple sections.

What is the difference between Early Bird and Passport?

Just the cost. The Early Bird ticket has a special pre-poster price. Both tickets include access to the same activities (A/Visions 1, A/Visions 2 and Nocturne 360).

Why is access to A/Visions 3 not included in the Early Bird/Passport ticket?

The location where this activity will take place has its own ticketing system, from which you can choose the seat of your preference in one of its multiple sections. Each section has a different cost and access point, so it is more convenient to purchase tickets for A/Visions 3 from the location system.
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