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August 16, 2023
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MUTEK MX returns to the Teatro de la Ciudad with A/Visions 3

Dokk03 by enrico maria bertani


Dökk, a multimedia performance created by Italian studio fuse*, mixes dance, generative visuals, music and emerging technologies into a stunning interactive experience.

With this premiere for Mexico City, possible thanks to the support of the Institute of Italian Culture in Mexico, the MUTEK MX Festival returns to the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris after 7 years.

Tickets for A/Visions 3 can be purchased directly at the physical box office and online system of the Teatro de la Ciudad.

With A/Visions 3, the Festival program that focuses attention on the possibilities of living arts when mixed with emerging technologies, the 19th Edition of MUTEK MX expands its programming to make the week of October 9-15 an intense marathon cutting-edge experiences.

Dökk, a performance by the Italian studio fuse* will be presented as part of A/Visions 3 on Friday, October 13 in a special performance at 21:00. This project that mixes dance, immersive sound, emerging technologies and a hypnotic visual environment, has been presented in more than 25 cities and was recognized with the German Design Award in 2019.

Its premiere in Mexico City marks the return of MUTEK MX to the iconic Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris, where emblematic performances have been presented in the Festival's history, with artists such as Hiroaki Umeda (2016) and Daito Manabe (2014).

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Dökk (Icelandic for darkness), takes us through 10 spaces that evoke the different stages of existence, in a circular journey from and to the origin of life and consciousness, while his production unites the possibilities between the technological and the corporeal.

To achieve this, the fuse* team, under the direction of Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Elena Annovi, experimented for three years with the complex technical process behind unfolding it on stage. Generative visual environments, immersive sound design and a system that allows interaction between what happens on stage (movement, visuals and sound) with the dancer's heart rate and a sentimental analysis of posts on social networks generated at the time of the performance. make Dökk a singular proposal that connects experimentation and avant-garde with the complexity of the human experience.

Since its premiere in 2017, the performance has evolved through multiple iterations at festivals around the world and this will be the last of its three performances in 2023.

A visually captivating symphony.

- Arts Atl

Human emotion in stunning visual and aural crescendos.

- Exclaim!

Visual, spatial, bodily, sensory and multimedia vertigo, only possible thanks to the intense mix between the physical world and its technological expansion.

- Digicult

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More about fuse*

Italian studio fuse*, founded in 2007 by Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, operates from a holistic, experimental and crowd-sourced approach to generate imaginative and thought-provoking audiovisual avant-garde.

In addition to pieces, installations and performances, fuse* seeks to spread culture and knowledge through the NODE festival and its collaborations with platforms such as MUTEK and TodaysArt. In 2022 they presented their first piece for MUTEK MX as part of the A/Visions 1 program at the Digital Dome.

  • Vanishing, an audiovisual piece for Artechouse in NY as part of the Beyond the Light exhibition.
  • The site-specific mega installation Luna Somnium, which took over the Gazometro facilities, an ancient industrial warehouse in Rome that is part of the city's urban heritage, with a huge full moon.
  • Multiverse, the piece with which fuse* debuted at MUTEK MX in 2022, continues to fascinate audiences: in its Dome format, as we experienced it at the Papalote, and as an immersive piece for a group exhibition at the Museo Palazzo Cipolla (Rome).
  • With Artificial Botany, fuse* explores the opposite end of his conceptual and abstract aesthetic, generating a mind-blowing display of botanical illustrations through machine learning and algorithms. This year the project has toured theaters in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Belgium.
  • Dökk is such an impressive project, that the L.E.V. Festival decided to schedule it for the second time for its most recent edition.

Tickets and Accessibility

  • Lunette Plus: $1,200 MXN
  • Lunette: $1,000 MXN
  • Rear Lunette: $950 MXN
  • First Floor Plus: $800 MXN
  • Amphitheatre: $550 MXN
  • Gallery: $450 MXN

Tickets and seat map available at Ticketmaster.

Access to minors from 12 years old.

Remember that A/Visions 3 is NOT included in the Passport.

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