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September 22, 2023
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MUTEK MX and EarthPercent join forces and commit to climate action


For Edition 19, MUTEK MX partners with EarthPercent, an NGO that channels the power of music towards climate action. Co-founded by Brian Eno, EarthPercent offers a simple way for the music industry to connect with some of the organizations tackling the climate emergency around the world by contributing funds.

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The production of a festival like MUTEK MX and the participation of the public inevitably imply greenhouse gas emissions. We know that there are worrying tensions between presenting an expansive, international and cutting-edge festival, versus the climate repercussions that this entails. Although at MUTEK MX we don't have all the answers, we do know that we don't want the show to stop or damage our environment. That is why this active and collaborative alliance with EarthPercent is an important next step.

One of the ways EarthPercent works is by directing part of the industry's revenue towards carefully selected active organizations.

For the 19th Edition of the festival, MUTEK MX will donate 1% of the price of each Passport* to the assigned organization through EarthPercent. This sum will then be matched by co-founder Brian Eno to achieve EarthPercent's goal of raising $100 million by 2030.

*MUTEK MX did not increase ticket prices to allow this initiative.

EarthPercent has an advisory panel of more than 35 scientists, climate experts, researchers and academics who constantly evaluate the climate space to find and fund the solutions with the greatest impact and potential.

EarthPercent's five areas of action

EarthPercent's holistic view of climate examines the underlying structures that can drive or stifle it. The NGO sees the generation of income from the music ecosystem as an opportunity to harmonize the work and impact of this industry. Twice a year, they collect all donations and award grants to organizations selected by an intersectional panel of experts, for which there are 5 key action areas: nature preservation, green and just energy transition, climate justice, political action and systemic, and greening of the music industry itself.

Consulting organizations include Music Declares Emergency, A Greener Festival, Client Earth, One Tree Planted and Earthjustice.

We believe this 360º approach to positive climate action is in line with MUTEK MX's commitments to fostering change, and we hope this partnership will generate even greater commitments and conversations between us.

For more information about EarthPercent:

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