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December 10, 2020
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#mxvrhub at MUTEK MX+JP

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The mixed-reality-focused creative hub #mxvrhub takes much of the Transcending Realities gallery from MUTEK's virtual platform for this hybrid edition in conjunction with MUTEK Japan.

This group of international CG artists, enthusiasts and experts present a series of VR/XR/MR projects hosted on the Altsapace platform; His intervention is intended to seek a new format for effective interaction and to become a complement to our hybrid version of the festival in response to the lockdown.

ETZNAB – VR experience by VAA / Xochipilli 2.2 'Xochicanvas' – VR experience by Xochipeople / Ambrosian Flower – Video art by Elizabeth Ros / Mercury – Digital sculpture by Taras Mashtalir / Sound Textures – 6 audio tracks by Roy Datom / The Hub – Concept model by SINESTECHNIA / Digital Painting – VR experience by Jorge Suaret / T-Car – VR experience by Xochipeople / Mahalych – VR experience by Xochipeople / Tau – VR experience by Marianela Fuentes in collaboration with #mxvrhub


Altspace is the site where the virtual headquarters of the hub is currently located; a totally free social platform in which various worlds created by the #mxvrhub team of artists have placed the 10 artworks that expose their interactive imaginaries in this giant collaborative exercise. Users who access the space through will find a completely immersive 360º environment to immerse themselves in an additional and collective festival adventure.

For a complete experience, we recommend using VR headsets and following the instructions below:

Download the PDF instructive here

  1. Install Altspace on your computer and create your own ACCOUNT.
  2. Click on the link and add the worlds of your choice in your FAVORITES.
  3. Enter Altspace, within the MAIN MENU, in the WORLDS section, enter FAVORITES, find the added worlds and right click.
  4. Due to the general rules of the Altspace platform, the quota of a world is limited to 30 people simultaneously. If a world is full, please try to enter later.

We appreciate and acknowledge the immense work of #mxvrhub within this first hybrid edition. Below we invite you to read the complete list of their work teams and we recommend you to be attentive to our next collaborations:

Uliana Goncharova (Xochipeople / RU), Eduardo Minoru (MUV, VRFest, GIFF / MX), Jorge Suaret (Arteknov / MX), Brigham Golden (LAD, La Calaca / USA), Daniel Coello (LMD / MX), Jonathan Robinson (LMD / MX), Jorge Bof (VAA / MX), Camilo Quimbaya (VAA / CO), Augusto Flores (SINESTECHNIA / MX), Rodrigo Kano (Kano&Co / MX), Bertín López (UNITEC, Biology Studio / MX), Polina Rud (UNAM, RAIDO / RU), Natasha Shendrik (HSE / RU), Vadim Smakhtin (ITMO / RU), Pablo Goldin Marcovich (Shukhov Lab / MX), etc.

Mentors: Roberto Gutiérrez Osnaya aka N30 (Creative Dealmaker / MX), Brett Erskine (VR/AR geek / USA), Athena Demos (BRCvr / USA), Paul Kats (BRCvr / USA), Brian Krawitz (artist / USA), Doreen Ríos (CCD / MX), Roberto Cabezas (CENTRO./ MX), Javier M Gaxiola (Dimesión N, FabLab Anahuac / MX), etc.

Artists: VAA (MX), Xochipeople (RU,MX), Taras Mashtalir (RU), Elizabeth Ros (RU), Jorge Suaret (MX), Roy Datom AB/DX (MX), etc.

Enjoy the performances and all the interactive content hosted on

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