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February 11, 2017
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New Names For MUTEK Barcelona and Avant MUTEK in Girona!

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MUTEK.ES asserts its dedication to daring and novel combinations of technology, art, music and audiovisual presentations, and its continuing commitment to showcase local and Catalan talent with this second wave release. This year’s signature A/VISIONS program will treat Barcelona audiences to two spectacular Spanish premieres presented by Movistar. And, as part of a broader strategy to extend the activities of the festival and enlarge its footprint at home and abroad, the festival travels to Girona in advance of its 8th edition with a program presented by Jägermusic on Saturday, March 4.

Latest additions:

1024 ARCHITECTURE present Recession (FR) / AIRABOI (ES) / DRIFTMACHINE (DE) / FUTURA presents Your First Memory is Already Gone (ES) / HUIAS (ES) / LIGHT NOTES (ES) / MARK LUVA (ES) / MICHELA PELUSIO & GLENN VERVLIET present Helix (IT/BE) / SAU POLER (ES) / TUTU (ES) / OLDE GODS (ES)


MUTEK is thrilled to embark on a collaboration with telecommunications company Movistar, who express their devotion to technology and the arts by presenting two major Spanish premieres on March 9th in collaboration with the Insitut Francais.

As part of this new initiative, French interdisciplinary, multi-media group 1024 ARCHITECTURE will present Recession, the third part of a trilogy of live performances critical of global financial circumstances, delivered as a mix of theatre, audiovisual ingenuity and humour. MICHELA PELUSIO & GLENN VERVLIET bring their remarkable digital tornado, the aptly named Helix to Barcelona for the first time, after its excellent reception at MUTEK in Mexico City.


Driftmachine, Futura and Light Notes added to the bill.

Once again, the Estrella Damm Factory hosts the EXPERIENCE program, on March 11. German outfit DRIFTMACHINE debut in Barcelona with their live, psychoactive soundscapes and dub infLections, joinIng previously announced AÏSHA DEVI and KLARA LEWIS to round out a bill replIte with idiosyncratic expressions of electronic music. FUTURA´s experimental ambient sonics, evident on his latest release Your First Memory is Already Gone, are married with visuals by IRENE ROYO AND will open the Experience musical program.

For extra special levels of experience at the Factory, Barcelona-based interactive design studio, LIGHT NOTES will premiere their new interactive instrument and installation Pentatonix.


Spanish electronic artists in the spotlight.

Coming just one week before the festival in Barcelona, the city of Girona again opens its gates to MUTEK on March 4, to welcome a program focussed on leading lights of the Spanish and Catalan electronic scene. Taking place at the Auditori de la Mercè, a significant historical building in the heart of the city, the lineup features artists jointly curated from the Jägermusic roster, and marks the second year MUTEK and Jägermeister have teamed up to present homegrown talents.

A new addition to the label, HUIAS are a Cantabrian group cross-hatching new generation R&B with contemporary electronic flourishes. Two rising forces in Catalonia’s musical landscape; SAU POLER, whose profile is also advancing internationally on the strength of his melodic and groove-adept productions — and OLDE GODS who also know how to balance deft rhythm programming with complex feels and narrative, represent the cultural texture and fibre of Barcelona’s current moment.


2 weeks with top researchers, presentation at Mazda Space during festival.

For the third year, MUTEK and the Music Technology Group are offering a special residency program, this time concerned with interactive technologies developed within the framework of the university’s Rapid-Mix Project. Artists will have access to tutoring by researchers in the domain, with two weeks to create a musical project that will be presented at Mazda Space during the festival. Candidates need to have a some experience with motion sensors (IMU, accelerometers, etc.) physiology (eg. muscle sensors) and prototyping environments (eg. Max /MSP, Pd, Openframeworks). Apply here:

PASSPORTS and individual tickets are on SALE NOW.

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