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October 14, 2022
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Nocturne 360 at Quarry Studios

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Quarry Studios: location confirmed for Nocturne 360 ​​+ Limited sale passports

By transforming architectural and urban spaces in Mexico City into areas for visual, immersive and sound experimentation, MUTEK MX reunites us with a diverse heritage that, for Edition 18, moves its coordinates to the South with A/Visions 2 at the Anahuacalli Museum (Thursday, November 24) and Nocturne 360 ​​at Quarry Studios (Saturday, November 26).

Located in the Gran Sur area and with an infrastructure specially designed to host all kinds of film and audiovisual productions, Quarry Studios will be the ideal location for the experiences that converge in Nocturne 360. In addition to hosting the long-awaited live acts by Andy Stott, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Loraine James together with the entire multidisciplinary lineup of this program, every corner of Quarry Studios will be transformed into a futuristic ecosystem with installations, lighting design and the careful experience that MUTEK MX delivers in each edition to enjoy the festival without setbacks.

To celebrate this new, more accessible, comfortable and urban location, MUTEK MX releases a limited number of Passports, with guaranteed access to the three programs of this Edition, at the best price. Phase 2 Passports will be available while supplies last.

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