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November 11, 2022
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Nocturne 360: Extended Reality Experiences


Every year, the MUTEK MX program breaks into everyday life to transfer our senses to audiovisual spaces inhabited by ideas, abstraction and architectures that are possible only through technology. And as part of Nocturne 360, two intense XR agendas go straight to altering reality: the Immersive Collection, featuring XR pieces developed especially for the MUTEK Network, plus AR and XR showcases through the STYLY platform.

Hybrid and constantly evolving techniques of Extended Reality (XR) such as virtual reality and augmented reality, allow the creation of experiences in imaginary environments in which users can interact and explore through personal devices. Thus, the XR allows for the free and immersive deployment of concepts and narratives for artists seeking to venture into new terrain in dialogue with their audiences.

Nocturne 360 ​​will be a platform for pieces that take the XR and its different platforms to the most experimental and futuristic terrain. Whether from your mobile through the STYLY app or from a VR headset, don't miss these portals to the multiverse on your tour of Quarry Studios.

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STYLY X MUTEK MX is a platform to create and disseminate XR pieces in an intuitive and dynamic way. In addition to a model that allows artists to mix the different XR techniques with digital content from other platforms, STYLY hosts digital exhibitions and connection points between art and users in physical spaces through QR's and its app. During Edition 18, it will present two exhibitions within Nocturne 360 ​​and an XR creation workshop from its platform as part of Digi Lab.

Seed Systems: Speculative Ecologies in XR Art Today

AR exhibition that can be accessed from mobile via QR code in the three interactive areas of Style that will be distributed in Quarry Studios. Seed Systems includes 6 pieces of augmented reality that speculate on the relationships between humans and nature, in a dialogue about the climate crisis and our future.

  • Alison Bennett AU presents Vegetable/Digital - Augmented Reality.
  • Nicholas Delap UK presents Urtica Portal - Augmented Reality
  • Matthew D. Gantt US presents Varigate, Varigated - Augmented Reality
  • Nadine Kolodziey DE presents Root About - Augmented Reality
  • Lauren Moffatt DE presents Composition - Extended Reality
  • Mohsen Hazrati IR/DE

XR Space - 360 Showcase x Styly

This exhibition includes three immersive pieces that can be accessed through VR headsets.

Black Labs presents Fluxus

Through the exploration of light and geometry in a virtual environment, this piece seeks to induce a philosophical state in those who walk through it: 3D environments to meditate on what it is to be human, the expansion of the conscious being and the flow of consciousness that connects us with The cosmos.

N30 presents Ax3=0

Inspired by Dennis and Terrance McKenna's studies of the fungi world, this series of immersive parables reimagines the incredible capabilities of mycelium and fungi, to deliver an abstract experience from the natural world.

Eugenio Echeverría presents Circo Crico

The animations of the intense journey of Circo Crico arise from an artistic and social exploration of the use of glass on this platform managed under the direction of Eugenio Echeverría. Circo Crico functions as a multidisciplinary point of convergence to discuss consumption, risk reduction, pleasure management and drug policy from art and the community.

Eugenio Echeverría presents antimonumento crico

The animations of the intense journey of antimonumento crico arise from an artistic and social exploration of the use of glass on this platform managed under the direction of Eugenio Echeverría. circo crico works as an activist day and is a multidisciplinary point of convergence to discuss consumption, risk reduction, management of pleasures and drug policy from the art and the community.

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Date: Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 November

Time: to be announced

Location: INTUS Interactive Design


During Digi Lab, this introductory session on the use of STYLY's interactive platform will be given, aimed at digital creators and experimental artists with interests in the various uses of XR, the use of online platforms, and communities actively developing various digital tools. During the workshop there will be an intro session to the platform, accompanied by questions and answers by the multimedia artist N30 (Roberto Gtz) and Miriam Arbus from the STYLY team.


Attendees must bring their own laptop, mobile device and VR headset.

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Within the framework of the most recent edition of Montreal, MUTEK gave the start signal to this new platform dedicated to the production of pieces of extended reality (XR). With the work of emblematic MUTEK artists, the Immersive Collection begins its tour of the International Network with the 18th Edition of MUTEK MX as its first stop.

From a VR headset, MUTEK's Immersive Collection will allow us to explore three worlds only possible from multimedia creation:

Brian Eno Pres Condensor Diego Figueroa 2

Entanglement XR by France Jobin & Markus Heckmann

Duration: 16 min.

As a literal sample of the multiple possibilities of multimedia experimentation, in Nocturne 360 ​​we will enjoy Entanglement in two formats: the collective and real-time experience with Live A/V presented by France and Markus, and the ultra-personal experience from a headset of VR, since its adaptation to the extended reality format is one of the three pieces of this Immersive Collection.

House of Moiré by Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards

Duration: 8 min.

House of Moiré invites us to go through a vortex of audiovisual architecture in constant transformation. This self-directed exploration progresses through rooms lined with optical patterns, A/V programming, and minimalist spatial design, intended to induce psychoacoustic stimuli and sensory illusion in an interactive experience.

Immortelle by Line Katcho

Duration: 13 min.

With this XR piece by Line Katcho, which we were able to enjoy in its Live A/V version in the XV Edition, we will travel through different landscapes and ecosystems in an atmospheric and figurative design, created to trigger visceral reactions that reflect our own transformations and the of the environment. Pure catharsis from a headset.

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