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November 4, 2022
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Avant-garde Audiovisual Marathon: Part 2


With regard to the Second Wave of Artists of the 18th Edition, focused mainly on creators, studios and collaborations in the field of visual art, we review the immersive experiences, installations, environmental design and more art and technology proposals that await us at Nocturne 360.

In this second part, we share each of the installations that the corridors, rooms, and living spaces of Quarry Studios will take over, transformed into Nocturne 360.

Boris Acket NL

Presents Einder II

Light, sound, technology and space are the prism through which Boris Acket tests perspectives, meanings and physical and psychic notions about reality, always exploring more than one discipline. Acket uses different mediums such as installation, live performance and even cinematographic processes to reveal invisible layers of time, space and natural elements. Einder II is the contemplative audiovisual installation that brings you to Nocturne 360: a large, 30-meter-long synchronous sculpture that combines moving fabrics, dynamic lighting, and spatial sound to emulate an infinite sway of natural patterns. Inspired by subtle phenomena beyond human control, such as movement on the surface of water or grasslands dancing against the wind, Einder II invites us to meditate on the constant friction between mastering and surrendering, while Elias Mazian's sound design envelops us. .

Captura de Pantalla 2022 11 09 a las 16 07 35

Buena Tarde & Rodrigo Cid MX

Present Kon-Tx

Kon-tx is a project developed by the multimedia artist Rodrigo Cid aka CIDVSX and the producer Buena Tarde, who give this installation, which functions as a large interactive membrane, a unique ethos in each presentation. For MUTEK MX comes its most experimental version, in which those attending Nocturne 360 ​​will be able to collaborate with the visual result when they come into contact with the piece, while Buena Tarde develops the sound design in real time. Thus, Kon-tx becomes an immersive, collaborative and constantly evolving experience that will be active on Saturday.

Buena Tarde is a producer from Guadalajara, Jalisco and founder of the Krema audiovisual collective. With a mix of trip hop, ambient and dubstep Buena Tarde fuels the sound of Flores, his debut album. For his part, the multimedia artist from the city of Colima, Rodrigo Cid aka CIDVSX, specializes in the creation of multisensory installations through interactive and generative techniques, with which he has been presented in spaces such as Venice Design and the Art Lake Festival.

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Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene & Matt Eckensweiler CA

Present Subtractive Space

Subtractive space takes the space of Nocturne 360to distort and challenge our senses with a game of perspectives, in which minimalist abstraction is expressed in large audiovisual elements. This installation, which is just beginning to make its rounds at festivals in North America, was conceived by three Canadian experimentalists specializing in the physical and spatial aspects of digital art. Through laser mapping, 3D lighting and real-time manipulation of 2D images, Fezz Stenton, Karl Skene and Matt Eckensweiler deliver a visual experience that simulates, from their own aesthetics, the natural movement of particles and other multiscale physical phenomena.

Captura de Pantalla 2022 11 09 a las 15 20 23

Orly Anan CO

Orly Anan is a Colombian/Israeli visual artist and art director interested in the mysticism involved in everyday life, which she explores through digital tools and techniques such as sculpture, graphics, and clothing. Ella Orly has brought her distinctive visual signature to large museum halls and festival stages, experimenting with formats, techniques and staging that make her intriguing visual universe an experience to be experienced with all the senses.

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INTUS is an interactive studio that lives imagination and innovation as sustainable resources, bringing to life immersive experiences, visual installations and interactive systems. Hand in hand with advanced technologies, Intus seeks to reinvent the capacities of wonder and human connection through its projects.

Captura de Pantalla 2022 11 09 a las 23 25 55

Oculta Studio MX

The artists behind Oculta Studio combine digital platforms and physical spaces to create experiences in which the interaction between people and technology are always the starting point. Since the couple of years that it has been active, the studio has made virtual spaces, outdoors and within architectural spaces, its laboratory to experiment with lighting as an element to transform reality. Whether with large-scale interactive proposals, light sculptures, ephemeral architecture or hybrid pieces, the creatives at Oculta design experiences to resignify the sense of meeting after a long time of physical distancing.

Captura de Pantalla 2022 11 09 a las 23 27 12

Immersive Collection: 3 Extended Reality Experiences

As a constantly evolving medium, XR's hybrid techniques enable the creation of audiovisual experiences that challenge traditional film genres. Beyond fiction, documentary, RPG or in between, the XR enables the free and immersive unfolding of concepts and narratives for artists looking to venture into new terrain.

From a VR headset, MUTEK's Immersive Collection will allow us to explore three worlds only possible from multimedia creation:

Brian Eno Pres Condensor Diego Figueroa 2

Entanglement XR of France Jobin & Markus Heckmann

Duration: 16 min.

As a literal sample of the multiple possibilities of multimedia experimentation, in Nocturne 360 we will enjoy Entanglement in two formats: the collective and real-time experience with Live A/V presented by France and Markus, and the ultra-personal experience from a headset of VR, since its adaptation to the extended reality format is one of the three pieces of this Immersive Collection.

House of Moiré of Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards

Duration: 8 min.

House of Moiré invites us to go through a vortex of audiovisual architecture in constant transformation. This self-directed exploration progresses through rooms lined with optical patterns, A/V programming, and minimalist spatial design, intended to induce psychoacoustic stimuli and sensory illusion in an interactive experience.

Immortelle of Line Katcho

Duration: 13 min.

With this XR piece by Line Katcho, which we were able to enjoy in its Live A/V version in the XV Edition, we will travel through different landscapes and ecosystems in an atmospheric and figurative design, created to trigger visceral reactions that reflect our own transformations and the of the environment. Pure catharsis from a headset.

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