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November 24, 2022
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In collaboration with Pianity, MUTEK MX launches its first collection of NFTs and convenes a workshop for artists.

In Pianity the distance between creators and their community is shortened to the maximum, with a digital space to create, sell, buy and collect limited edition NFT songs. With a pioneering approach that, in addition to allowing free listening for its users, Pianity enables artists to convert their songs into NFTs to connect with their audience beyond streaming.

Within the app, which you can download here, you can navigate between different clubs and their music collections on NFT, create and join communities eager to discover and share new sounds and formats in an ethical environment, which gives a new source of income to independent artists as they deepen their bond with their listeners.

For Edition 18, the MUTEK MX experience expands to Web3, thanks to the collaboration with Pianity, which includes a workshop as part of the Digi Lab at INTUS OPEN STUDIO and the Festival's first collection of NFTs, available from its app. Musicians, creatives and digital art collectors: welcome to a new meeting point.



Workshop: First steps towards the web3: Generate your first NFT

November 26, 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

INTUS Interactive Design

An intensive introduction to learn how to create and grow a community of listeners committed to collecting NFTs, from the advantages of the Pianity platform. Workshop facilitators Kevin Primicerio and Simon de Kinkelin will share the steps to create a first musical NFT, good practices for getting started on Web3 and how to generate rewards. There will be support to generate your own NFT. Do not miss it.


Gather the first MUTEK MX NFTs in the Pianity app.


MUTEK MX's first collection of NFTs is made possible by a collaboration with Pianity and will be available throughout the week of the festival, featuring a selection of sound and visual artists across 6 releases. Look for the NFTs with the QR Codes that will be available during the Festival. Don't forget to download the Pianity app and follow MUTEK MX by joining our club.

MUTEK MX's first collection of NFTs includes pieces by national and international artists from Edition 18 and special guests.

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