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October 12, 2022
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First Wave: Audiovisual Experimentation

Sinjin Zora5

From lighting design, to installations and visual collaborations to electronic music live sets, MUTEK MX is experienced with all the senses. Thus, it becomes the natural habitat for the premiere of pieces and performances specifically designed from the audiovisual narrative, either by multimedia artists or in transdisciplinary exchanges between musicians, producers, visualists, coders, set designers and experimental artists. This is part of what awaits us for Edition 18.

Caterina Barbieri IT

Ecstasy and audiovisual transmutation: Caterina Barbieri & Ruben Spini + MFO present Spirit Exit Live A/V

Spirit Exit Live A/V is the transmutation between the hypnotic modular synthesis of Caterina Barbieri, the ethereal visuals of Ruben Spini (the artist behind the videos and visual components of the album) and the immersive lighting of Marcel Weber aka MFO (who is also part of the Nocturne 360 visual artists). Barbieri, one of the most inquisitive minds in contemporary electronic music, enshrines her vision as a multidisciplinary artist by immersing us in a synaesthetic experience that reverberates with mysticism and ritual. This "moment of almost spiritual connection" that will completely take over the great esplanade of the Anahuacalli Museum during A/Visions 2 will also be the grand closing of an intense fall tour that has MUTEK MX as Barbieri's only date on the continent. in the remainder of the year. Safety pin.

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CNDSD & Iván Abreu MX+CU

Glitch drifts through the metacity: CNDSD & Iván Abreu present AUTOconstruccion

The artists Malitzin Cortes aka CNDSD and Iván Abreu have found in live coding a common language for their different creative explorations, ranging from architecture and sound art, to the intersection between science and art. AUTOcontruccion, the new live coding and VR performance that they present as part of MUTEK MX, arises from an extensive documentation on informal housing built by "non-architects" in different parts of the globe, which reflects on precariousness, real estate speculation and the explosion demographic. With speculative architecture created from 3D imagery, machine learning and a generative soundtrack, the duo will transform the Nocturne 360 environment into a vertiginous dystopian city where music and visuals self-construct in mutating buildings of an amazing non-city.

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Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc ES/SI

Entities of chaos and abstraction: Elías Merino & Tradej Droljc presentan SYNSPECIES

SYNSPECIES, the audiovisual project by Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc, takes the foundations of virtual ecology to create a chaotic and unpredictable ecosystem inhabited by synthetic species. Code, analog signals, sound algorithms, modular synthesis and 3D geometry that unfold in morphological spaces that emerge from an interaction between unrelated entities coexisting with the void. This constantly evolving performance has been presented at festivals such as Lunchmeat (Prague), Semibreve (Portugal), Tentacular Festival of Critical Technologies and Digital Adventures (Madrid) and the Biennale Némo (Paris), to now arrive at MUTEK MX as an experience "staggeringly complex and aesthetically aggressive, bombarding you with intense sensory stimulation”.

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France Jobin & Markus Heckmann CA/QC+DE

Science to trip: France Jobin & Markus Heckmann present Entanglement

Entanglement is an artistic project on the limits of scientific research, since it is inspired, as it is, by the concept and properties of the entanglement phenomenon in quantum physics and quantum field theory. The sources of inspiration for France Jobin and Markus Heckmann are based on two theories that explain quantum entanglement: the Copenhagen interpretation and the multiverse (or as scientists call it, quantum decoherence). Together, Jobin & Heckmann alchemy theory, transforming it into an ambitious immersive experience that was presented as a world premiere at MUTEK Montréal and, after being revitalized on the stages of INDEX 2022, arrives at MUTEK MX for Edition 18.

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Interspecifics MX

Journey to the depths of being: Interspecifics presents Deep Self

The transdisciplinary audiovisual research and creation collective premieres Deep Self at MUTEK MX, an exploration based on the use of brain waves and machine learning. Like a deep journey to oneself from the outside, the synaesthetic stimuli emitted by Interspecifics will take us on a multisensory journey triggered by biofeedback techniques, data driven composition, modular systems and artificial intelligence.

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Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones CA/AT

Immersion in motion for the rave of the future: Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones

During lockdown, experimental rave duo Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones immersed themselves in creating new music and pushing the boundaries of the meta-dancefloor with their trusted tools: motion capture technology and a proprietary visual theremin. Back in the arena and under the premise of First Flights, a preview of new tracks from their upcoming albums, Hawke & Jones return to Mexico with an immersive experience that takes their unmistakable style to the fifth power. Thus, the essence of Fractal Fantasy, the creative space shared by Hawke & Jones, will take Nocturne 360 to make it a space in which humans and machines, code and flesh, will mix in moments of pleasure, surprise and absolute futurism.

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SKY H1 & Mika Oki BE

In emotional trance: SKY H1 & Mika Oki

In this mix of music and visual installation,Mika Ori takes the content of Azure, SKY H1's debut album, to translate its sonic poetics into a seductive live A/V derived from Panthelion, a light piece by Ori. Together they deliver a dreamlike experience that encompasses cosmic sounds, velvety techno and a space inhabited by shadows and abstract textures: an emotional oasis that we can enjoy in its Latin American premiere on MUTEK MX. This synesthetic performance has already seduced minds, ears and eyes at avant-garde festivals like Lunchmeat, Dekmantel and Rewire.

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The Bionic Harpist US/QC

Electroacoustics to see and feel: The Bionic Harpist

Electroacoustic melodies and harmonies that are reflected as visual sensations in the environment and, at the center of the immersion, Alex Tibbitts aka The Bionic Harpist delivering an intense performance. What began as an exploratory investigation into the gesture, sound and interpretation of the electroacoustic harp is now a project that experiments and develops hardware to resize the possibilities of the harp in concert. Thus, The Bionic Harpist mixes the classic sounds of the harp with samples, loops and a visual content processor that allows you to modify sound and visual elements, resulting in an impressive audiovisual and electroacoustic show that will melt hearts and minds in the center of the Anahuacalli Museum during A/Visions 2.

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