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October 21, 2022
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First Wave: The Other Dancefloor

Thumbnail Grupo 3

With all the power of multifaceted British techno, this triad of producers will deliver live sets in which the dancefloor will be guided by intensity, darkness and a lot of edge. Ready or not, tremendous performances are coming from Andy Stott, Barker and Nik Colk Void.

Nik Colk Void UK

Experience Hard, Play Hard: Nik Colk Void

It is in the space where euphoria and bewilderment are felt with the same intensity, where producer, composer and experimentalist Nik Colk Void feels most comfortable. A legend in the making, Nik can be heard both in commissioned pieces alongside orchestras and in mutant electronica projects, completely different from each other, such as Factory Floor (with Gabriel Gurnsey and Dominic Butler) or Carter Tutti Void (with legends Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter, founders of Throbbing Gristle). But what brings her back to Mexico directly to one of the unmissable moments of Nocturne 360 ​​is the live, and her albums, which she signs with her own name.

Mainly with her guitar (from which she extracts all kinds of sounds except riffs) and modulations, Nik creates a unique mood: she experiments hard, enjoys hard. "I couldn't do a bangers album for the track or an experimental album, it had to be something in between." Bucked Up Space (Editions Mego, 2022) “is designed to induce an emotion or a reaction that makes you feel alive, and that goes back to when she was watching bands like Pan Sonic, which had a massive sound that you just had to feel.” And so she wooed the audiences of the most recent edition of MUTEK Montreal and now it's the turn of MUTEK Mexico.

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Barker UK

Sonorities beyond the impulse of dance: Barker

hits the big floor of Nocturne 360 with an arsenal of melodies and harmonies, ready to trigger the dance urge in our bodies in unexpected ways. “I don't want to dance just because there is a hype that tells me to do it; that's not exciting” and so he launches a question that he always answers differently in each of his live sets “can you get the same results with different stimuli, or is dancing to electronic music just a learned behavior?”.

From that leftfield angle, Barker has forged a long relationship with Berghain, the club where he is a resident, and his label Ostgut Ton, where he has released two LPs and several of his own EPs. After a short but intense tour of Asia, Barker will debut on MUTEK MX with his fine mix of unconventional rhythms, hypnotic dubstep, IDM patterns and crescendo emotions.

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Andy Stott UK

With Never the right time (Modern Love, 2021), his most recent long play, Andy Stott shows us his most organic and meditative side, with a collection of deep and sensual tracks: the calm before the storm on the dancefloor. Because his return to the big track of Nocturne 360 will be untimely: backed by a fine recording career and, moreover, in balance with the cutting edge and intuition of an artist in communion with his audience. Only in May of this year (re)conquered North America in an intense tour alongside Debit (another must-see of this Edition 18) to later sweep the European summer festivals.

This performance will bring an intense hybridization of all the tonalities that Stott has been able to achieve in more than fifteen years of experience: suspended settings and hypnotic loops that take us on a drift of dance and introspection.

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