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September 4, 2023
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Third Wave of Artists for MUTEK MX Edition 19


The Third Wave of Artists complements the lineup of the four essential programs of MUTEK MX Edition 19: A/Visions 1 at the Digital Dome, A/Vision 2 at the Anahuacalli Museum, A/Visions 3 at the City Theater and Nocturne 360 at Quarry Studios.

With the confirmation of installations and experiences designed by Alba G. Corral, Architecture Social Club, Hidden Edges (the Myriam Bleu and Lucas Paris project), Josué Ibáñez and Sabrina Ratté, Nocturne 360 is confirmed as one of the art and technology encounters most important emerging markets in Latin America. The new facilities join those of Esteban Azuela and Rodrigo Garrido, artists selected through this year's Frente Nacional Call to transform the rooms, corridors and meeting spaces of Quarry Studios into a mega exhibition of immersive digital creativity, interactive and contemplative.

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Richard Devine returns to Mexico for Nocturne 360.

Dubbed “King of Synths” by Resident Advisor, producer, engineer, and sound designer Richard Devine has been sharing his maximalist vision across all manner of sound-creating machines and interfaces for nearly three decades now. With an immersive process that includes the patient exploration of hardware and emerging technologies, as well as the design and assembly of his own modular systems to record and perform his albums live, Richard has dosed his career between releases for the Venetian Snares and Mike Paradinas labels. , and iconic live performances where he assembles and deconstructs a massive sound hard to classify, which expands through its modular rack with freedom and a degree of unpredictability that have made it legendary. This is one of the few presentations that he will give during 2023 and his return to Mexico after five years. Richard Devine is part of the new live performances for Nocturne 360 together with Annabelle Playe and her live A/V inLand, the hot and rebellious beats of Cashu from Brazil, the performance Slowly Fading into Data by Albert Barqué-Durán and the new collaboration between Priori & Shoeg.

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Weidi Zhang's Astro joins A/Visions 1 in the Digital Dome

Why explore space when there is so much to do on Earth? With Astro, the multimedia artist Weidi Zhang answers this question that Dr. Stuhlinger, astronomer and deputy director of NASA at the time when the first trips to space were made, once received from a new perspective: that of a being intelligent that explores our planet, its vastness and the consequences of our passage from an advanced telescope. This immersive piece, commissioned by the Earth Metaxis festival in 2021 and winner of the Prix Trame Sonore Award in 2022, starts from the visual imagination of Weidi, who takes abstract elements to give new meaning to the planet's landscapes seen from a completely alien technology and perspective. With the addition of Astro, the A/Visions 1 program presents three immersive pieces that, from the possibilities of digital art, reflect on our connection with nature.

The Third Wave of Artists complements the essential programming for the week of October 9 to 15, to which will soon be added the activities of Digi Lab, the Gastronomic Route and other collaborations and meeting spaces for the community that year after year gather to experience the Festival.

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