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November 8, 2017
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TRANSLATIONS: Sound Experimentation Workshop


Presented by: Fundación Alumnos47 and SAE México

Place: Alumnos47 Móvil, Dr. Mora, Alameda Central
Dates: WORKSHOP: October 28 and November 4, 11, 18 | SHOW PREMIERE November 25

Due to the recent earthquake, the dates of the festival and all its events have been changed. Please check our webpage for more info.

By trying to create a digital creative process in a public space, this workshop is directed by Gabo Barranco (AAAA) and is the joint endeavor of a foundation dedicated to contemporary art and an institute specialized in digital production techniques. The objective is the following: to create conscience of the possibilities that art and technology can bring together through the creation of a show inspired in the City itself.


Theoretical and practical workshop which seeks experimentation by using sounds captured by transducers around Mexico City; this in order to create pieces using urban life itself. The subjects will be setup for live shows and some techniques for processing analogue signals in the digital world.


This workshop is for people with or without previous experience in sound processes. Eager for knowledge and with a bias for electronic music, sound experimentation, audio production, synthesis or producers on the look for new ventures.

FULL QUOTA: the selected participants to take the workshop will be notified by email.

Gabo Barranco (AAAA)

Saturday, November 25. Dr. Mora, Alameda Central


1st Module: Saturday, October 28

Introduction and Presentation:
-Very brief history of electronic music
-From concrete music (1930) to IDM (190)
-Modern trends and styles
-Timeline of electronic music instruments and its context

Brief Introduction to Sound Basics
Harmonies, Tone, Frequencies
Introduction to Synthesis, substractive, granular
Use of effects

Recording and Sampling

2nd Module: Saturday, November 4

Objectives and Creative Processes:

Oblique Strategies (Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt)
Creating from experimenting
Advantages and disadvantages of having numerous studio and live alternatives

Assembly/Practice II
Digital Processes with Paul Stretch

3rd Module: Saturday, November 11

Little demo of how to set up a live act; analogue and digital processes, session setup and how they are made from available instruments.

Assembly/Practice III

SAE Practice: Saturday, November 18

Show: Saturday, November 25

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