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Take your first step into Web3 by generating your first NFT

Take your first step into Web3 by generating your first NFT
Take your first step into Web3 by generating your first NFT

Friday, November 25, 2022
4:30 pm_5:30 pm

INTUS Interactive Design


This talk is scheduled to take place at INTUS Interactive Design on Friday, November 25, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Learn here how to grow and federate a community of engaged fans with NFTs. Kevin Primicerio and Simon de Kinkelin will explain to you everything you need to know to create your first music NFT and the best practices to take your first step into Web3. Zea, from Duro Label, will be present to mint live his first Bounty -a free-to-claim NFT. Then, artists participating will be able to create their own.


Kevin Primicerio

CEO & Co-founder

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics Ecole Centrale Paris and Computer Science degree from School 42. Before Pianity he founded Hook, an accelerator & VC fund helping startups scale from prototype to fundraising.

Simon de Kinkelin

Art Director & Co-founder

Graduated in Law from Paris Sorbonne, Simon has worked in sales in the technology industry and has been the artistic director of several electronic music events. A graduate of the conservatory, he has been producing and releasing electronic music since he was young.


Pianity is a music platform where musicians and their community gather to create, sell, buy and collect songs in limited editions. Pianity’s pioneering approach, which includes free listening for all and the possibility for artists to turn their songs in NFT, enables deeper connections between artists and their audience.

Through its mobile application, Pianity allows artists and their fans to create music communities where they gather in token-gated Clubs to share exclusive experiences and be part of the artists’ journey.

Because Pianity treats music as fine art, artists gain a new source of independent revenue while deepening the relations between artists and music fans.

Bright Moments: Web3 & NFT Communities
Bright Moments: Web3 & NFT Communities is part of the INTUS Open Studio program.

Friday, November 25, 2022

5:30 pm_6:30 pm

MUTEK - Event Placeholder