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Natalia San JuanCL/ES

Natalia San Juan<sup>CL/ES</sup>
Natalia San JuanCL/ES

Femnøise becomes a digital platform and mobile app, to facilitate the building of bridges between different needs of women and non-binary people, artists, workers and organizations in the music ecosystem. The project is supported by the pre-incubation program of the Local Development Agency of Barcelona and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of Spain, with the collaboration of SAE Institute Spain.

We build bridges digitally through a series of initial functionalities and the constant study of new implementations. As of today you can find:

- SEARCH ENGINE (global map). Quantifies, geolocates and filters registered users (artists and ecosystem workers) by occupation, location and type of music.

- SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT . Each user who creates a profile can connect with others, use groups, forums, live chat, community blogs and all the tools to generate global synergies.

- NANO LEARNING. Any woman, anywhere in the world can share her knowledge and skills, creating small courses through our builder and being able to monetize them while empowering others. Also with the integration of tools for workshops and live seminars.

- EMPLOYMENT PORTAL: We have designed a job portal for users, companies and projects in the music ecosystem. An automated portal that allows you to upload offers and receive automatic notifications from women and non-binary people from all over the world.

All this in addition to the non-virtual synergies that we facilitate, such as the soon-to-be-released partnership with the SOUND EARTH LEGACY organization, the collaboration with the Argentine ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLATFORM DANZFLOOR. Also noteworthy is the FEMNOISE x SAE INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIP that starts to be awarded from May 2021 for women and non-binary people in electronic and urban music production. and many other projects in the pipeline for 2021