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Artist Talk - Sol RezzaAR

Artist Talk - Sol Rezza<sup>AR</sup>
Artist Talk - Sol RezzaAR

Sol Rezza is an Argentine composer, sound designer and audio engineer. Her practice incorporates experimental electronics with surround sound techniques to create immersive experiences for virtual ecosystems and live performances.

She combines multilingual speech samples, granular synthesis, and sequencers with open source multichannel audio technology like the SoundSquares plug-in.

Currently, she is developing research on how new technologies (AI, machine learning, virtual reality, immersive audio, etc.) influence the creation and production of contemporary narrative.

Rezza's work has been exhibited at the Festival MUTEK Montreal (CA), Festival MUTEK (AR/ES), CTM Festival (DE), IN/OUT Festival, Tsonami Festival (CL), BRIWF festival (BR), Simultan Festival ( RO), Borealis Festival (NO), HÖRLURS Festival (SE), among others. She has participated in artistic residencies such as Radio Art at Radio Corax (DE), Somerset House Studios (UK) and Binaural Nodar (PT).

In this meeting, Sol Rezza will share ideas, creative processes, techniques, technologies and experiences when thinking about a spatial-immersive audio work, in the talk called ¨Sound Spatialization¨.

What are the main challenges involved in audio spatialization? How to generate impact emotions through sound? What are the limits and limitations of the environment? What is the relationship between sound space vs. visual space?

A tour that addresses the spatial context of sound together with different immersive audio editing and mixing software.