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Melissa SantamaríaMX

Melissa Santamaría<sup>MX</sup>
Melissa SantamaríaMX

The infinite possibilities of generative art are the canvas on which Melissa Santamaría unfolds her synaesthetic imagination. Psychedelic colors, movement and textures that fluctuate to complement/contrast sounds, architectural spaces and emotions.

In less than five years, the trajectory of the Mexican architect and artist was catapulted thanks to her mastery of programs such as Touchdesigner and processes that combine attentive listening, analog media and playfulness. With a wrapping, vibrant style that takes up naturalistic aspects from a very alien perspective, Melissa Santamaría's visual signature can be found accompanying an impressive diversity of musical acts ranging from Actress, Andy Stott and Flying Lotus, to Warpaint and Ty Segall.

In addition to generative visuals in live performances, Melissa illustrates, designs and produces visual creativity for festivals, brands and projects of various kinds, always in symbiosis with the musical part. One of the most complex projects in which Melissa's creative range can be fully enjoyed is the visual design for the five volumes of Sufjan Stevens' album Convocations (2021).

Mexican architect and visual artist Melissa Santamaría.


Mexican architect and visual artist Melissa Santamaría.


This summer Melissa made the visual counterpart for the presentations of Quantic, Hiatus Kaiyote and Cool Maritime, among other artists.


Melissa also does illustration.