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Juan Le ParcFR

Juan Le Parc<sup>FR</sup>
Juan Le ParcFR

Born in 1960 in Paris, Juan Le Parc has been working for several years on forms of representation of the human body, combining artistic and scientific practices in his approach. Taking body modifications of an anthropological type and mixing them with scientific images, he creates plastic universes full of hybrid and chimerical beings of mythical imaginations. He displays an artistic teratology based on an aesthetic of monstrosity that allows him to dissect the ideological contradictions that underlie the unequivocal discourses on the perfection of the contemporary human body.

He is co-founder of the "Laboratoire des Arts Cognitifs" and the urban intervention theater company "Public Conspiracy", with which he creates strange multimedia shows about the human body and its bodily and psychic modifications such as Chaosmose or Suspension Cube.

He develops scenic, sound and visual works on human-machine interfaces in real time such as Copy / Conform, Copy / Difform or Dromopole.

He was part of the first generation of artists who had access to personal computers and designed them as creative tools. The challenge is to invent new multimedia languages. He is particularly interested in 3D creation tools, modeling, digital sculpture, and interactive simulations. He made several projects in virtual reality such as "Shoot the icon", "Raw Memory", "Meat Temple" or "Fragile".