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Julián Principear

Julián Principe<sup>ar</sup>
Julián Principear

Julián Príncipe (also known as DJ Bondiola, 1clap, or https) is an Argentine DJ who has conquered both the local and international music scenes with his various aliases and projects. His versatility and talent have led him to perform at important events and festivals such as Lollapalooza, Technomoon, and Casa Conecta. He is also the founder of the innovative "Fiesta JAJAJA" and the creator of "Raventena," a digital party in Minecraft that attracted thousands of people.

His sets are unique and fun, challenging musical genres by combining electronic music with popular culture. During his performances, he incorporates finger drumming, a technique that allows him to bring dynamic energy to his live music. This skill, coupled with his creativity and passion for music, makes each of his sets an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for the audience.