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Juliana MujicaAR

Juliana Mujica<sup>AR</sup>
Juliana MujicaAR

Visual artist from Rio Negro, based in Córdoba, Argentina. Vj, Filmmaker, producer, audiovisual director and publicist.

Along with her studies, she conducted visual and sound programming workshops. She is interested in the subjectivity behind the machine, and for that reason she is currently experimenting between programming by nodes in real time (TouchDesigner) and the file that she records on video, obtaining a result that is as hybrid as it is strange. She always orients her search to the body, its textures, the skin, and the link with the raw nocturnal nature, trying to express the emotions that she lives transiting those spaces that she loves so much and connects her.

These two resources, the generative and the real, collide anatomically and are normally considered mutually exclusive. She is interested in that clash, that hybrid union that challenges the one she looks at on the other side of the screen for the sole fact of being mortal and perceiving that in both cases the human is latent.

On the other hand, she tries to translate the emotions that run through her, creating totally generative and surreal spaces through different functions in TouchDesigner (glitch, noise, shaders, geometries etc). This connection and mystery by nature lead her over and over again to reinvent herself and explore new links, personal, experiential, emotional, that she expresses/represents, in the video and in the generative.

Juliana makes live presentations using TouchDesigner and manipulating parameters in real time manually and by console connected to the return of the general audio master. In addition to Live VJ, her curiosity has led her to experiment in various artistic dimensions, from photography to programming, from video to canvas. He participated in live performances as a VJ, as well as in exhibitions and installations: as a visual artist and live VJ in: Córdoba Music Biennial, Polyphonic Autumn Festival (City of Río Cuarto), Alsina Palace (Bnp/Dahaus), Terra Furia (visuals for Setaoc Mass), as well as projects with different DJs, producers, and labels such as Axis Records (Jeff Mills), collaborating on Joaquin Ruiz's EP artwork.