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Kren OrgánicoAR

Kren Orgánico<sup>AR</sup>
Kren OrgánicoAR

Kren Orgánico (Juan Ciovini) is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and producer born in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego.

With a nomadic life dedicated to music, today he explores new sonorities from the mixture of different timbres within a single set, with which he performs organic music concerts as a soloist, merging acoustic and electronic instruments. Throughout his career he has recorded and produced 2 EPs as a solo artist: “Eavadia”, released independently in January 2018, and “Kren Orgánico”, released independently in March 2021.

He has also been researching sound in its therapeutic aspect for 6 years, performing sound harmonizations, where he uses the vibration and timbres of specially selected instruments from different ethnic groups, as healing and relaxation therapy. He also works as a teacher of integral, corporal and internal rhythm percussion, carrying out workshops and meetings in different parts of Argentina and the world.