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Nirma MadhooZA

Nirma Madhoo<sup>ZA</sup>
Nirma MadhooZA

Based between Durban and Melbourne, Nirma Madhoo is a fashion filmmaker and researcher. Having started as a fashion designer, the artist transitioned towards modern fashion filmography, a need that blossomed from a panoply of interdisciplinary interests. Working with emergent technologies, Madhoo expresses fashion as more than just a wearable luxury: she directs experiences through the juxtaposition of videography, CGI, 3D printing, microcontrollers, VR, AR, and more. Playing with mirroring techniques, digital environments, floating models and futuristic themes, the artist proposes new ways of understanding fashion as we know it. Leading with a collaborative approach, her artworks remind us of the exciting possibilities that are born from the merging of fashion and new technologies. Madhoo’s film productions have been presented internationally at short-film festivals, fashion film festivals and digital art festivals.

Nirma Madhoo ZAAzimuth

Azimuth is a 360° live-action film exploring South African Brutalist architecture in a stylized triptych. The fashion performance is scored by an immersive ambisonic composition. The term “azimuth”, derived from the Arabic word al-sumūt (meaning “the directions”), is the angle between the North and a celestial body, a measurement in a spherical space. The film includes footage from underwater as well as aerial drone shots, accompanied by 3D digital assets from Lidar scanning and photogrammetry. Azimuth is a testimony for collaborative practices and digital fashion expressions from the Global South.


South-African artist Nirma Madhoo, combining the world of fashion, film and technology in her art practice.


This year, she has worked on Obsidian, an XR project being released as a fashion film and as an AR installation.


The filmmaker has directed and photographed many editorials for various magazines from London, Berlin and Barcelona.