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If eleven studio albums in thirty years already sounds like a robust career, with Plaid you have to leave room for surprise: the audacity of this legendary duo also lives in everything that happens in their creative laboratory between and for each release. As Plaid, Ed Handley and Andy Turner have written and produced music for orchestras, gamelan ensembles, film, and even robots. Since signing to Warp in 1993, they've become a vital part of the iconic '90s electronic music generation, along with Autechre and Aphex Twin.

Over three decades of dynamism and total freshness: iconic duo Plaid, a cornerstone of Warp Records and the IDM sound, continue to push the edges of digital creation with ‘Feorm Farlox’, their eleventh studio album and new audiovisual live. With this highly conceptual new installment, Ed Handley and Andy Turner keep their experimentation lab active, as they incorporate new technologies, artificial intelligence and graphic synthesis to the album’s visual complement, while maintaining their keen sense of groove through complex harmonies and big beats. 2023 marks Plaid's long-awaited debut on MUTEK MX, as well as the duo's 30th anniversary as part of the Warp label. Historical.

With a sound in constant evolution, which also draws on the structures of funk, classical music and pop, Plaid has surfed the wave of experimentation and sonic avant-garde by collaborating with humans (perhaps the most emblematic has been Björk), machines and Al. Feorm Farlox, the new album and audiovisual live that brings them to Mexico for the first time, is the perfect project to bring together their lifelong fans and those who have just discovered them, in a total immersion in the imagery of Plaid: bright IDM, sci- fi and funky wrapped in a mesmerizing visual narrative, literally out of this world.

Legendary English producers and experimentalists Ed Handley and Andy Turner aka Plaid.


Legendary English producers and experimentalists Ed Handley and Andy Turner aka Plaid.




Two remixes for the new album by Optometry (John Tejada and March Andstrum pop duo).


The visual component of Feorm Falorx (Warp, 2022), which includes videos and a graphic novel, was created using artificial intelligence and graphic synthesis.

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Plaid: Dancers (Official Video)