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Seltar or SLTR is the new project of Barcelona producer Olaf Blanch. Despite being a project with only a year of trajectory, SLTR has been consolidated in the Barcelona scene with three works. His first appearance was with a two-track EP released in April 2020.

It is almost impossible to ignore the influence of emptiness and silence in their first work, gestated in a time of total confinement. This two-cut EP ends with the track "Inner Silence", a subtle and experimental track, led by an accelerated jazz beat that creates an ambient aura that envelops the hollowness of each drum roll with the intention of capturing the echoes of deserted streets.

After participating in several DJ mixes for clubs like NITSA and BLANK NIGHTS, his next appearance was with a fabulous remix of the song Dos Ojos, by the band Wind Atlas, in June of the same year. The cut features the same dark tones and atmospheres as his first work, but resorts to more psychedelic and filtered yet sophisticated beats.

In January 2021 he released his third work with Aizkora. An EP of four tracks that demonstrate the evolutionary process of this producer. Ultra processed beats, powerful basses, broken textures and cut melodies that burst between rave and club, jungle and dancefloor music.




Persona (2020), Inner Silence (2020)