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December 26, 2023
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Opposite United, the experience

Kia Final

Kia's memorable partnership with MUTEK MX resulted in the exploration of the concept of “Opposite United” and how creativity can emerge from the combination of different ideas and perspectives.

and MUTEK MX worked together to create a series of experiences and events that celebrated diversity and collaboration. Through music, art and technology, "Opposite United" invited people to explore new ways of thinking and break barriers. Kia has used its expertise in design and technology to create vehicles that reflect this idea of opposites coming together, combining style and performance, comfort and efficiency.

The most intense day of Edition 19 presented immersive experiences, multimedia art installations and audiovisual performances that reflected Kia's design philosophy, inspired by the contrasts between nature and humanity.

In addition to the presentations and exhibitions of #Nocturne360xKia distributed in six rooms, Kia K3 and Architecture Social Club teamed up to present a piece that represented, through a megasculpture and its audiovisual intervention, the parallels between avant-garde art, the union of opposites and the new era of sustainable mobility of Kia K3.

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Parallels: An innovative and inspiring experience

The artistic alliance between Kia K3 and Architecture Social Club created a powerful space for reflection in relation to the technological interpretation of nature, its manifestations through architecture, light, sound and the union of opposites, bringing tones and movements from the natural landscape to abstract extremes.

Thus, a new synesthetic space opened to surround us with ethereal fragments of natural phenomena. This is the photomemory of Parallels, a monumental piece located on the esplanade of #Nocturne360xKia:
Foto 4
Foto 5

Kia's "Opposite United" and its alliance with MUTEK MX resulted in an exciting exploration of the union of opposites and the creativity that arises from it. Through innovative events, experiences and vehicles, Kia and MUTEK MX are challenging convention and celebrating diversity.

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