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Buena Tarde & zetaMX

Buena Tarde & zeta<sup>MX</sup>
Buena Tarde & zetaMX

Thick atmospheres and brilliant textures swinging between contemplation and movement. With his project Buena Tarde, producer and label manager Carlo Filio explores the depths of trip hop, ambient and dubstep from his background in composition and in constant dialogue with visual and multimedia artists. Flores (Krema, 2021), Muta (Take Away Jazz Records, 2022) and Para Hibernar (Antmateria Sonora, 2022) in collaboration with Ana Paula Santana, are the main releases that condense the powerful sonic imagination of Buena Tarde, which also extends to projects like Kon-Tx, an interactive installation in collaboration with Rodrigo Cid.

For MUTEK MX Edition 19, he will present his most abstract and psychedelic side with Amphibion, a live set built with microtonal scales, hypnotic melodies and enveloping subsonic frequencies to induce us into different states of perception.

Producer, songwriter and label manager Carlo Filio aka Buena Tarde.


Producer, songwriter and label manager Carlo Filio aka Buena Tarde.


Krema, Take Away Jazz Records


Zubadub single, with artwork by Andreah.Tif.




Carlo is the founder of the multidisciplinary label and collective Krema, which included artists such as Concepción Huerta, James Blanco and Amnl Prnt in its first compilation.